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Post True Movies / True Movies 2 - 30th November

True Movies / True Movies 2 - 30th November

Eurobird 1 - 28.5E

11343V SYM:27500 FEC 2/3

SID52320 VPID2306 APID2307 Eng


True Movies

06:30 Jack Reed: One of Our Own (Film)

Based on a true story. Brian Dennehy stars as the tough Chicago cop who must protect a woman who is marked for murder.

Starring: Brian Dennehy, Charles S. Dutton, Susan Ruttan, Gillian Barber, Henry Beckman, Amber Benson. Director: Brian Dennehy (Made For TV, 1996, 15, 3 Star)

08:30 Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance (Film)

Tough Chicago cop Jack Reed investigates a mass murder that took place in a cemetery in broad daylight, and points towards the Russian mafia.

Starring: Brian Dennehy, Barbara Eve Harris, Joe Morton, Anthony Zerbe, Peter Outerbridge, Susan Ruttan. Director: Brian Dennehy (Made For TV, 1996, 15, 3 Star)

10:30 Jack Reed: A Search for Justice (Film)

Based on a true story. When a stripper is brutally murdered all the clues point to her boss, but he has friends in high places, and bringing him to justice is not going to be easy.

Starring: Brian Dennehy, Charles S. Dutton, Susan Ruttan, Joe Grifasi, Charles Hallahan, Rex Linn. Director: Brian Dennehy (1995, 12, 3 Star)

12:30 Her Life As A Man (Film)

Faced with sexual discrimination, an aspiring reporter dresses as a man in order to land a job at a national sports magazine. Based on a true story.

Starring: Robyn Douglass, Marc Singer, Laraine Newman, Miriam Flynn, Robert Culp, Joan Collins. Director: Robert Ellis Miller (Made For TV, 1984, PG, 3 Star)

14:30 Oklahoma City: A Survivor's Story (Film)

The true story of Priscilla Sayers, one of the survivors of the Oklahoma bombing, which charts both her rescue and bravery required for her mental and physical recovery.

Starring: Kathy Baker, Roy Baker, Eric Johnson, Kyla Anderson, Ray Baker, Patrick Cassidy. Director: John Korty (Made For TV, 1998, 2 Star)

16:30 Deceived by Trust: A Moment of Truth Movie (Film)

A counsellor learns a school principal has sexually abused his students. But as no one will testify, can she prove his guilt before he does it again? Based on a true story.

Starring: Stepfanie Kramer, Conor O'Farrell, Shannon Fill, Lisa Gorlitsky, Teryl Rothery, Michele Goodger. Director: Chuck Bowman (Made For TV, 1995, PG, 3 Star)

18:30 Stolen Babies (Film)

Mary Tyler Moore and Lea Thompson star in the true story of a seemingly respectable Tenessee orphanage that harboured a terrible secret.

Starring: Lea Thompson, Kathleen Quinlan, Mary Nell Santacroce, Mary Tyler Moore, Brett Rice, Tom Nowicki. Director: Eric Laneuville (Made For TV, 1993, PG, 3 Star)

20:30 Hard Time (Film)

Based on a true story. When a young man is jailed for a crime he didn't commit, his family and two courageous lawyers work tirelessly to prove his innocence.

Starring: Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning, Robert Loggia, Mia Sara, Billy Dee Williams, Michael Buie. Director: Burt Reynolds (Made For TV, 1998, 15, 3 Star)

22:30 Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders (Film)

Two brothers conspire to murder their parents... but did they do it for their money, or were they really the victims of a lifetime of abuse?

Starring: James Farentino, Jill Clayburgh, Billy Warlock, David Berón, John Beck, Michael Paul Chan. Director: Paul Schneider (Made For TV, 1994, 3 Star)

00:30 Terror in The Shadows (Film)

In this suspenseful true life thriller, a deranged woman creates a trail of death and destruction as she seeks revenge twice-over for the loss of her child.

Starring: Genie Francis, Leigh McCloskey, Victoria Wyndham, Mark D. Espinoza, Jacob Loyst, Marcy Walker. Director: Billy Graham (Made For TV, 1995, 12, 3 Star)

02:30 A Deadly Silence (Film)

Based on a true story. When a father of three is murdered in a seemingly motiveless crime, a disturbing picture of his home life begins to emerge.

Starring: Mike Farrell, Bruce Weitz, Charles Haid, Richard Portnow, Wallace Langham, Heather Fairfield. Director: John Patterson (Made For TV, 1989, 15, 3 Star)

04:00 Race to Freedom: The Underground Railroad (Film)

Based on a true story. In 19th century America, four slaves escape from a cotton plantation and begin a treacherous journey north.

Starring: Tim Reid, Ron White, Nigel Bennett, Glynn Turman, Falconer Abraham, Tom Butler. Director: Don McBrearty (Made For TV, 1994, PG, 3 Star)


True Movies 2

11343V SYM:27500 FEC 2/3

SID52325 VPID2308 APID2309 Eng

06:00 Desperate Rescue (Film)

When her daughter is kidnapped by her former husband and taken to Jordan, a distraught mother hires a former Special Forces team to get her back.

Starring: Mariel Hemingway, Clancy Brown, Jeff Kober, James Russo, Lindsey Haun, Andrew Masset. Director: Richard A. Colla (Made For TV, 1993, PG, 2 Star)

08:00 The Sound and the Silence (Film)

Based on a true story. The incredible life of the visionary inventor and champion of the deaf, Alexander Graham Bell.

Starring: John Bach, Ian Bannen, Vanessa Vaughan, Brenda Fricker, Jim McLarty. Director: John Kent Harrison (Made For TV, 1993, 3 Star)

12:00 Dancing in The Dark (Film)

A woman is abused by her father in law, but when she overcomes her fear and confides in her husband he doesn't believe her and sends her instead for psychiatric treatment.

Starring: Victoria Principal, Nicholas Campbell, Dawn Greenhalgh, Geraint Wyn Davies, Kenneth Welsh, Robert Vaughn. Director: Bill Corcoran (Made For TV, 1995, 15, 3 Star)

14:00 Courting Justice (Film)

Based on a true story. Patty Duke stars as a woman who represents herself in court when she receives a derisory divorce settlement.

Starring: Patty Duke, Donnelly Rhodes, Linda Dano, Art Hindle, Megan Leitch, Brenda Robins. Director: Eric Till
(Made For TV, 1995, 2 Star)

16:00 And Then There Was One (Film)

Based on a true story. When a couple are blessed with a baby daughter, their joy is complete. When tragedy strikes they soon learn that the memory of love can be as sustaining as the love itself.

Starring: Amy Madigan, Dennis Boutsikaris, Jane Daly, Jennifer Hetrick, Martha Henry, Cameron Arnett. Director: David Jones (Made For TV, 1994, 15, 3 Star)

18:00 Scar Tissue (Film)

Based on a true story. As a woman develops Alzheimer's, her son tries to uncover the truth about her past before she can no longer remember it herself...

Starring: Roberta Maxwell, Aidan Devine, Shawn Doyle, Larissa Laskin, Paul Hecht, Sean Young. Director: Peter Moss (Made For TV, 2002, PG)

20:00 Trial by Fire (Film)

Based on a true story. Paulette Gill is a devoted teacher who takes a special interest in one of her pupils.

Starring: Tina Keeper, Tom Jackson, Peter Kelly Gaudreault. Director: Francis Damberger (Made For TV, 2000, 2 Star)

22:00 For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (Film)

Based on a true story. An ex-con tries to protect his family when a dangerous criminal comes to town looking to settle some scores.

Starring: Callum Keith Rennie, Brooke Johnson, Niklas Konowal, Brent Stait, Michael Hogan, Nancy Beatty. Director: Norma Bailey (Made For TV, 1996, 3 Star)

00:00 The Diary of Anne Frank (Film)

The heartbreaking tale of a little Jewish girl who kept a candid record of her experiences of life under Nazi occupation.

Starring: Melissa Gilbert, Maximilian Schell, Joan Plowright, James Coco, Doris Roberts, Clive Revill. Director: Boris Sagal (Made For TV, 1980, 3 Star)

03:30 The Odd Angry Shot (Film)

Based on a true story. An offbeat vision of the Vietnam War, following the misadventures of an Australian SAS squadron.

Starring: Graham Kennedy, John Hargreaves, John Jarratt, Bryan Brown, Graeme Blundell, Richard Moir. Director: Tom Jeffrey (1979, 15, 3 Star)

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