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Now click on the tab Advanced.
Set the selections identical to the ones below.

Now click on the tab Phoenix.
If you like your Infinity in Phoenix or Smartmouse mode, you can set that preference here. Just tich the box and select your additional preferences.
I like my Infinity to start in USB mode, so I leave the box un-ticked.

The Infinity USB Phoenix Programmer Software: If you want to use your Infinity in Phoenix or Smartmouse mode, you simply press the Phoenix button.
The popup window lets you choose your preferred frequency and reset mode.
I am going to work with MKFind for this sample, so I leave the settings default (as shown below).
When you have made your selection, click Enable.

You will notice that the main program window disappears and that a system tray icon has appeared.
Below I have marked the icon with a red square.

This icon is your new entry to the Phoenix/Smartmouse section of the software.
By clicking it, it will open a menu which allows you to alter your settings, or return to the USB programming interface.
We will leave it on the settings shown for now.

Just for the sake of this instruction, I will use MKFind.
You may ofcourse use any software requiring a Phoenic mode interface.
For now, start MKFind.

Insert your card and click the connect button.
And voila… there are your card details.
It just shows that the Phoenix mode works great.

To return to the USB mode, or exit the program entirely, you can click the system tray icon and select the option
you want.

If you select to exit the Phoenix mode, the system tray icon is removed and the USB programming interface will re-appear.

OK, that’s it.
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