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for Octagon HD SF 918 HDTV :
Changes :
- Swedish Language add. in OSD Menu
- Greece Language add. in OSD Menu
- Seca/Seca2 SmartCard activation and AU update fix.
- AU update still works ;-)

Please make factory settings after SW update.
Password : 0918

EMU and other CAS Setup`s :

Pls. press Menü --> Modules --> RED Button --> Enter 9999
--> CAS menu for EMU and other CAS Setup`s
--> EMU Key for Enter Key and Keyreset (Keys Initialize) with Yellow Button

Memory Setup`s :
Menu --> STB Status --> Memory Setup --> Options : Memory Backup and Memory Restore

Update : File --> OCTAGON_HD_SF918_EMU_AU_V1029__25_07_08_HDTV.bin --> Pls. copy of USB Stick and update STB !

Programm list & Setups save direct to USB Stick :
--> USB Stick connect to STB,Go Menu - USB Menu --> press FAV Button, Program list + setups save direct to USB Stick

Premiere Portal (Multifeed) - Button --> AV+

Ethernet LAN / RS232 : NewCamd, Gbox, Homeshare, HSIC, Xcrypt etc. ;-)

enjoy :-)

Date 25 July 2008

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