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That issue is a false alarm from your antivirus
i have not logged out of forum for weeks and i never once had any alert , it is most likely due to the advertising banner
but every site has this or much worse in order to survive nowadays , in order to stop getting this false report you need to make an exception for SU forum in your Anti-virius
also a Real Trojan can only be received via downloading a malicious file not by visiting a web page that is how i know its a proper BS report !!

Anyone thats ever had a Real Trojan will already know this and they will also know that SU Forum is really well moderated , but i know a lot of other sites that are very dangerous to visit which has lots of Real Trojans and pop up worms but Sat Universe will never be one off them !

But nobody here is holding a gun to your head forcing you to log in its entirely your choice , Google search poses a much,much greater risk and that is a Fact and the total truth of the matter .

But with Registered Members: 488,378 that is almost Half a Million members i think if there was any real threat i would have to say to be fair that there would be far more than just two Fake reports about possible Trojans ??

i could be wrong but i very much doubt it : ))
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