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Notepad++ 6.5.2

Changes in 6.5.2:
1. Add sort lines feature.
2. Make 2 external commands as build-in commands: Open containing folder in Explorer/cmd.
3. URL hovered highlighting can be customized.
4. Fix the bug that Global Styles are not loaded completely in Stylers Configurator.
5. Improve php and js parsers in functionList.
6. Add panel icons for 6 panels: ascii insertion, clipboard history, doc map, doc switcher, function list and project.
7. Fix function list class border determination problem (while open/close symbols are in the comment zone).
8. Fix crash (buffer overflowed problem) for function calltip.
9. Fix a bug in path auto-completion feature.
10. Fix tab close button's color remains hovered while mouse leaves.
11. Update html auto-completion file.

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