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Default Latest Version of Cypheros TS-Doctor!

Cypheros TS-Doctor repairs, cuts and merges your HDTV/SDTV
(.trp / .ts / .ts4 /.m2ts / .dvr/ .rec) DVB recordings.

TS-Doctor is Trialware. This is on purpose, because Cypheros wants users to always download the latest releases for testing. He also needs users feedback to improve his software or implement support for new receivers.

I wonīt load up the software here - otherwise Sat-Universe Mods will close this thread and move it somewhere else (e.g. "dreambox tools" section).
SU-Mods/Admins please keep this thread untouched here in Public Sat Upload. The software discussed in this thread is designed for many DVB receivers and not only for one brand.

Additional info that you wonīt find on Cypheros wepage:

Although TSDoctor Beta has a 30 day trial limit you will be able to fully use it until the end of this year! (The countdown timer in the software is more a kind of a reminder to always look for and download latest version.)

As long as TS-Doctor is Beta (even versions higher than 1.0) the software will stay free.

Cypheros hasnīt yet determined if later "full releases" of his software will be Freeware, Shareware, Open-Source-Software or Donationware.

Version 0.99 of TS Doctor is out today!!!
Release info:

0.99 - Audio messages for completion of the processing
- Correct detection of AC3 5.1 recordings even if the stream beginns with AC3 2.0
- Graphic timeline in cutting preview
- Better finding of a valid stream start for spcial M2TS (192 Byte) files (Topfield SRP-2100)
- Support for Topfield REC recordings
- Division by zero problem solved in cutting window, if cutting is done without preview (turned off or codec problems)
- Current version of the Haali Media Splitter optional installable
- Single file installation (Exe file instead of msi as before)

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