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Additional remark: I tried several tools up to now - h264cutter, TS-Converter with HDTV Pump Filter, TSRemux, TS4Np, Nero, etc. - none of them is useless but none of them leads to comparable results.

TS-Doctor works without quality loss. TS-Doctor does more than the above mentioned tools:

Cypheros TS-Doctor ist meant to analyze recorded DVB transport streams for errors and to make faulty DVB streams compatible in a way that a flawless playback without surgeing or video and audio delay is being achieved.

In some cases it helped me to open and correct corrupted DVB transport stream files (.TRP), where even TSRemux/TS4Np had to give up.

The program tries to keep the original stream as untouched as possible in order not to create additional incompatibilities.

PAT und PMT are being corrected and not existing PIDs deleted out of the system tables. Useful video and audio streams are being displayed (with properties), useless streams are being deleted during clearing process (if you donīt choose to preserve them)
The program possesses a detailed examination function for MPEG2 and H264 video streams
(up to 1920 x 1080p) as well as AC3 audio streams by means of CRC-check.

  • Supports (DVB-Viewer, ProgDVB, Dreambox, Dbox2, Technisat, etc.) .TS streams!
  • Supports Kathrein TRP- streams!
  • Corrects faulty video_full_range_flags (Colorspace) of DVB-streams!
  • Visual cutting function for beginning and end of streams!
  • Supports iCord HD M2TS and Technisat TS4 - streams!
  • New: Packet-Editor and Stream-Filter Tool
  • Supports Comag SL 100 HD DVR-Streams!
  • Merges DVB streams correctly (File Merger)
  • Detects more useless streams than TSRemux/TS4Np (= smaller filesize, if needed)
  • Wrong language descriptor of audio streams can be changed

You should give it a try.
Greetings from ararat

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