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Big problem with sending from north America or USA in general now is the fact it will be traveling into London and once it arrives in Dublin Ireland it will be assessed and Customs Fees added and will not b released until such time as those Custom fees are paid .
Good example of this is back in Jan this year i ordered a Raspberry PI gaming console which cost €240+ delivery €43 i had 9 weeks to wait for it to arrive at London and once it went to Dublin sure enuff i received an E-mail from Customs @ Dublin demanding me to pay an extra €167 to release my item

That is just an example of how we now must suffer due to Brexit and the sheer ignorance and greed of all the people involved , there just is no realistic way to purchase anything anymore that goes through UK Customs ,
indeed it is very kind of above poster to offer this item for free but the Customs fees that it will incur is nothing short of senseless greed
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