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The Openversion compiling by Dervis

Open Vision 10.3 r391

- OE update
- FFmpeg 4.4 update
- Enable more gstreamer plugins
- servicemp3: Install more gstreamer-plugins for normal images
- So many packages upgraded and added to the feeds, thanks to OE-A
- gst-ifdsrc fixed (won't work for gstreamer < 1.x)
- busybox: Enable flock applet, fixes user/groupadd by petrkr
- New version of extrawlan qca6174 and rt8822bu
- Vu+ kernel and driver updates
- Edision 4K kernel 5.12
- So many skin fixes by norhap
- OWIF for Open Vision (supports GCC and Glibc version show)

- Module layout detection revamped by IanSav
- First use of isPluginExtensionInstalled and isSystemPluginInstalled API, thanks to jbleyel
- Create data access methods by IanSav (API change)
- More use of fileReadLine and fileWriteLine API
- revamped by IanSav (performance improvements)
- huge cleanup by IanSav
- GCC and Glibc versions added by IanSav
- crash fixes
- Add opkg clean option (configurable) before opkg update


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