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satlodge DM7080 image update 10 Mar 2019

enigma2: update to 4.3.2r6

latst update and fix
- check and inform for available ble adapter updates
- more work on broken eslider/eprogress
- fixed bug that the last log message was not output on a bsod
- EpgSelection/EventView/Channel: Add Plugin Hooks with matching signature (you can group them in a single where= WHERE_...)
- Red in ChanneList, grouping plugins and "All" into a submenu if there is any plugin bound to the hook
- Red/Blue in EpgSelection with type SINGLE
- Blue in EventView
- flash-nrf52: update ble module firmware to 1.3
- dreambox-dvb-modules: updated hardware drivers for dm900, dm920
- lowered entire interrupt load
- optimizations for BLE module communication


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