Viark Forever boxes


Guys, why don't the dazn it channels open yet? Anyone know anything?
They opened everything! Everything except Dazn Italia.. I think they will never open it at this point. Also because the system is different from normal satellite channels, to get Dazn channels you must first have an iptv subscription with them and then another subscription with Sky or TiVuSat..


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both my viark sat and viark drs2 giving error also on query charge site both have active sp1 and sp2 so maybe site problem

i also tried starsat t13 for matter of interest and its all fine so seems viark problem

samir mokhtari

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May be, but I am not in Spain..I heard that for the momment it is not possible to buy SP1 or Sp2 codes for Viark receivers..
You can contact company Goosat site metamango

Send the serial number and explain your problem, and your problem will be solved
"metamango" site you can control your Reciver and also report any problem


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Update on the VIP - BeIN seems to be working non-stop without issues since the first weekend of the Premier League season. BeiN Sports Premium 1,2,3 and 1 - 7 I think are now working 24/7. BeIN Sports France 1,2,3 also working. The BeIN Xtra channels, BeIN Max channels and BeIN AFC channels are not working though.

Cost was $17 for 4 months. I have an official BeIN sub on another TV and that costs me $7 per month for comparison.