Triple Dragon setup frustrations


Hi Guys,

I've been out of the sat game for a few years but when I saw new TD's on ebay I thought I'd get one to try. It's a very nice piece of kit. I flashed it with tdman 2602 and noticed it already had Mgcamd installed. I got a line and created a newcamd.list file and in mg-cfg I edited parameter G to 01. Both these files are in /var/keys. I have checked many times but cannot get it to work. I have searched various forums because I now want to try an image without Mgcamd as standard and install it seperately. Which image should I use and which Mgcamd should I use? I also cannot find any post that describes the actual installation of the cam (it it just ftp to a directory or is it installed via the box) There is plenty of info regarding the config but not about the actual inatallation. I know these boxes are a blast from the past but I would really like to get it running. If anyone can dig through the archives I would be very grateful!

Thanks, Richard.


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Hello my friend I have one of these receivers and I use CS, unfortunately I can only work with mgcamd, if I remember correctly I have mgcamd 1.35 which was the last one that came out. now i'm at work but at night i see the emulator and i send you and i also see what image i am. if you have an email, send it to me.