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SerienRecorder 4.2.5

MacDisein wrote
After there was a crash when creating manual timers in release version 4.2.3, I just withdrew them and released a bug fix under version 4.2.5.
Here are just the changes compared to version 4.2.5.

-No crash when auto-update under Python3
-No crash when creating manual timers
-TV-Planner backup files and log files were not deleted correctly under certain circumstances

-Unclear description for the option "Display duration for messages" improved

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SerienRecorder 4.3.0

New features:
-New option "Sort box transmitters alphabetically in channel assignment" in the "User interface" area (see Note 1)
-New option "Backup for manual timer search" (see Note 2)
-The Serial Recorder web interface can now be installed from the settings (see Note 3)
-The two standard series Recorder Skins (1 and 2) are now also available as FHD versions - thanks to @Marti_win7 (see Note 4)

-Changed the regular expression for recording detection. (see Note 5)
-The "Prefer Standard Bouquet" option now also includes manually created entries in the timer list.
-For dates in the log, the day of the week is now also output.
-The "Try to update timerfrom the EPG" option can now be enabled for a serial marker if it has been disabled globally.
-The log is now output when the option "Try to update timers from the EPG" is deactivated globally.
-When a new series marker is added, the Series Recorder now always reloads the cover from the Internet.
-Directory selection completely revised (see Note 6)
-Skins with "FHD" in the name can no longer be selected if an HD skin is active on the box.

-Crash when calling the sender map with empty list is fixed.
-No more crashes with manual timer creation when the "Prefer Standard Bouquet" option is enabled.
-The option "Prefer standard bouquet" has also been taken into account if you only use one bouquet - this is now corrected.
-The option "Try to update timers from the EPG" has been revised (see Note 7)
-In rare cases, there has been a crash in global settings, which is now fixed.

1.Until now, the list of box channels was sorted in the order in which the stations were sorted in the bouquet.
Now you can switch to an alphabetical sort using the option in the global settings.
This setting then also affects the sender assignment in the SeriesRecorder web interface.
2.You can now decide via the option "Backup with manual timer search" whether or not a backup of the database, settings etc. should be made during a manual timer search.
3.The option "Enable Serial Recorder Web Interface" is now always visible when it is activated for the first time, and the web-data folder does not exist, the serial recorder web interface is asked if it should be downloaded and installed.
4.Marti_win7 was so nice and has adapted the two standard series recorder skins for FHD resolution. So there are now finally suitable skins when an FHD skin is active on the box.
5.There was a change in the regular printout of the recordings based on the file name on the hard disk in the last release.
However, this change meant that far fewer recordings were detected now - I have now revised the printout again and hope that it will work better now.
6.The directory selection in the Series Recorder was not really intuitive. It showed that it was programmed incorrectly from the beginning. I've corrected the behavior now so that the directory selection is now behaving as you would expect.
You now have to go to the folder to select it or create a new subfolder. Before deleting, there is now a warning and a reason is displayed in the event of an error.
7.Although the option "Try to update timers from the EPG" was deactivated, timers from the EPG were updated.
This has now been corrected, but the timers are still corrected by changed data on wish list.

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SerienRecorder 4.5.0

New functions:
A channel check is now performed during the TV Planner search.
In the series/season start view, the blue button now loads the series for all channels.
New option "Compress backup files" to compress the backup files (see notes 1)
In the openATV image from 7.1 there was a problem with the display of the picons in the series recorder (see notes 2)
If you restrict the season at the series marker, the timer list will be cleaned up automatically if you want. (see notes 3)
If you leave the view in the global settings without saving, you will now get a warning.
New view for restoring deleted entries from the timer list. (see notes 4)
In the series marker view you can use the bouquet/channel keys to jump through the initial letters, i.e. from A to B to C etc.

In many places, the TV series ID is now used instead of the wish list ID.
When doing a manual timer search, the directories are now also checked beforehand.
The search results are now also displayed in color (green/red) if a series marker already exists for the series.
Additional information is now displayed during the timer search, which hopefully helps with troubleshooting (see note 5).
Changed the design of the broadcast dates view
The option in the settings "Always create manual timers" has been renamed to "Always create manual timers".
Colors used for series name or episode name were aligned in all views.
Added titles in the Top 30 view: The series with the most views in the last 12 months.
Revised channel mapping to use ServiceRef (almost) everywhere in SeriesRecorder. (see notes 6)
Conflict handling of timers corrected (see note 7)
Added check for changes to channel list in channel assignment (key 8) (see note 8)
Setting/changing TVDB ID completely revised (see note 9)
Improved behavior of changelog view when starting the series recorder.

In rare cases it could happen that a timer was created but no entry was made in the timer list.
Crash during timer search if the TV Planner email was activated and the SeriesServer was not reachable.
Adjustments for openATV 7.1 - there were problems with the processing of the TV Planner e-mail.
When switching between the Series Planner and the Top 30 view, the selection is reset.
Fixed bug when adding entries to the timer list (episode list and timer list).
No more boot loop when the web interface is completely removed, but the SeriesRecorder web interface is still activated.
Creating manual timers from the SeriesRecorder web interface now works correctly again.
Tags are now stored differently in the database to be compatible with Python 3.
When saving the series marker settings via the web interface, the tags do not break anymore.

1.If the option "Compress backup files" is active, a .tar.gz is made of the files from the backup,
the directory structure is also kept, so it is easier to restore the backup.
Another advantage is that the backups are much smaller, in my case 250 kB to 980 kB.
Note that if you activate compression, only these files will be deleted automatically after x days,
but not the folders that were created before, so you have to delete them manually.
Of course, this also applies in the reverse case, when the compression is deactivated again at some point.
2.If you use picons with transmitter names, the picon file had to be named the same as the transmitter.
Now the file is additionally searched with a normalized norm.
All spaces in the station name are removed and it is converted to lower case.
So "Das Erste" becomes "daserste". This way the picons are found more reliably, because both variants are searched.
Also, the default picon is now loaded correctly if no picon is found for the station.
The default picon comes from the image skin: /usr/share/enigma2/skin_default/picon_default.png.
3.Timer list with season restriction works if you have activated a "from season" at the series marker.
For example, if one has set "from season 3" and leaves the selection, SeriesRecorder asks:
"Do you want to delete the timer entries for older seasons from the database?".
If "Yes" is selected, all timer entries for seasons 2, 1 and 0 as well as "Specials" of this series will then be deleted automatically.
Afterwards you will see how many entries have been deleted.
If you have additionally selected other seasons, e.g. "Season 1" and "from Season 3", 2, 0 and Specials would be deleted.
If "Specials" were activated, they will of course be kept.
If season 0 is selected, the entries up to the selected episode are deleted from the timer list, if necessary.
4.Restore deleted timer entries can be called from the timer list:
Timer List (blue button) -> Edit Timer List (OK) -> Restore (blue button).
There you have four functions: "Delete entry permanently" (red button), "Restore entry" (green button),
"Restore all entries of the selected day" (yellow button) and
"Restore all entries of the selected series" (blue button).
5.It is checked whether the station specified in the e-mail is also assigned in the series recorder.
If not, a corresponding message is displayed in the log.
The channel ' xyz ' was found in the TV planner e-mail, but is not assigned in the series recorder.
' xyz ' - For this series marker the seasons are restricted - not all broadcast dates are considered.
' xyz ' - For this series marker the channels are restricted - not all broadcast dates are considered.
194 broadcast dates for 41 series were retrieved from the series server.
Considered are ' 143 ' broadcast dates for ' 35 ' series.
Suitably also the output, if one uses the TV planner search run:
' 34 ' broadcast dates for ' 10 ' series were read from the TV Planner e-mail.
24 broadcast dates for 9 series are taken into account.
6.Previously, the station name was stored in the database in addition to the ServiceRef during station assignment in the SeriesRecorder.
If the station name or the ServiceRef on the box changed, then the SeriesRecorder had problems.
Due to the changes in this version, the channel name for the display is determined live from the channel list of the box.
So you can also see in the channel assignment if there is a wrong channel due to a change of the ServiceRef.
The web interface is not yet completely changed at this point.
7.Apparently there was a problem with the timer search for quite a long time, if a timer conflict occurred.
In this case a deactivated timer and an entry in the timer conflict list should have been created in the series recorder.
But this apparently only worked sometimes and the deactivated timer was created with wrong pre- and post-run times.
I have now completely reworked the creation of disabled timers, in case of a conflict.
8.Since a while there was the possibility to check the channels with the key 8 in the channel assignment.
But until now, it was only checked whether the channels assigned in the Series Recorder were still available in the channel list of the box.
With this update I have extended the function, so that now also name changes and moves of stations are recognized.
9.Change in entering the TVDB ID (for those who have the permission).
Until now you could only enter the TVDB-ID manually in the SeriesRecorder,
so you had to find out the TVDB ID in the web browser first and then enter it.
Now the SeriesRecorder can also search for the name of the series at TheTVDB and the TVDB-ID can be selected comfortably.

THX @MacDisein


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I just published the source code for version 4.5.5-beta on github.

This time it's a pure bug fix version.


Error when creating manual timers from the web interface fixed
Log view: You can jump back to the end or the beginning
Named picons should now load again too
When updating timers, the station is now displayed in the log instead of the recording path
The background color of the selection is now set in the Skin 2 FHD series recorder

thanks MacDisein

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SerienRecorder 4.6.0

New functions:
  • Entries in the UNDO list that are older than 30 days are now deleted during automatic scanning
  • Recording directories are now normalized, so e.g. /hdd/movie and /hdd/movie/ are recognized as the same
  • Timers that should not be added to the SeriesRecorder database are now shown in the statistics after the search run
  • Picons are now also loaded for IPTV channels, if there is none, it tries to load the corresponding picon of the DVB channel
  • In the broadcast dates view not allowed seasons can be displayed alternatively in gray
  • Additional timer name "Seriename_S01E01_Episodenname" (see note 1) (for this the file '/etc/enigma2/SerienRecorder.timer-pattern.json' must be deleted)
  • New option 'Always create notepad timer' - notepad timers will be created even if a timer has already been created for the episode

  • The changelog screen has been reworked, the changes are now displayed more nicely
  • The update screen was reworked
  • Log screen has been reworked, entries are now highlighted in color
  • In the skins the graphic for the line selection was removed, so that now the standard selection is used
  • Entries in the timer list are now deleted via the ID, so if there are several identical entries, they are no longer all deleted
  • Search in EPG optimized
  • When updating timers, the channel is now displayed in the log instead of the recording path
  • Code for the creation of timers unified - so the timers are also created with the openATV image with the correct timer type
  • In the settings (global/marker) the possible selection for the timer type is now determined depending on the used image

  • Fixed an error when saving the TV Planner settings in the web interface
  • Sorting of the timer list for a series marker in the web interface was corrected
  • Error loading tags on series marker in old format was fixed
  • Jumping to the next initial letter in the series marker view now works correctly even when sorting by "wish list" rules
  • Fixed encoding of tags
  • It could happen that an episode was not found in the timer list and then another timer was created
  • Cleaning up the timer list during season selection also deleted specials in a certain situation, although they were still selected
  • Selection color in the channel assignment corrected
  • Timers are now also created again with the current openATV 7.x version
  • Fixed an error when setting the default database path
  • The option "Prefer default bouquet" caused a crash when searching for series without entries in the timer list
  • Tags on series marker no longer cause crash when creating timers
  • Fixed a bug when creating manual timers from the web interface
  • Fixed a sporadic HTML error in the TV Planner email

There is now an additional selection option for the timer name (series name_S01E01_episode name).
For the new entry to appear in the settings, the file '/etc/enigma2/SerienRecorder.timer-pattern.json' must be deleted.
The file will be recreated at the next startup and will then contain the new timer name.


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SerienRecorder_Version 4.6.1-beta (02.01.2023)

- If the timer type was set at the series marker, it was not set in the timer at the openATV image
- The update screen now also shows the date and size of the update
- Another bugfix for "IM STREAM" lines in the TV Planner email
- At the series marker an alternative series start for the timer can be set (see note 1)

1. sometimes there are series with very long names and you don't want to give your recordings the complete name or a completely different name.
name or a completely different name for your recordings.
This can now be realized with the option 'Alternative series name for timer'.
If such an 'Alternative series name for timer' is defined for a series marker, this name is used instead of the series name when the timer is created.
this name will be used instead of the series name (according to the used timer name pattern).
Example: 'Lawyers of the Dead - The most spectacular murder cases from the USA' in 'Lawyers of the Dead


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