Italian games called off after death


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All games in Italy have been postponed following a policeman's death at Palermo's Sicilian derby with Catania.

The police officer was killed in clashes between both sets of fans outside Stadio Massimino before and after the match.

The dead officer is believed to have been hit in the face by an explosive thrown by some fans.

Italian Federation commissioner Luca Pancalli and sport minister Giovanna Melandri made the decision to call off action over the weekend as a result of the tragedy.

The game itself was marred by crowd trouble with the second half held up for 30 minutes after tear gas was thrown onto the pitch.

Palermo won the game 2-1 with two controversial goals and Catania president Antonio Pulvirenti wants the game replayed and has blamed Palermo fans for the trouble.

"Clearly the incidents were provoked by the Palermo fans when they entered the stadium," said Pulvirenti.

"Before then, nothing had happened, but they started causing trouble and as the images show threw tear gas onto the pitch.

"They were well-organised and came here in order to cause trouble. We feel penalised and will appeal against the result so that the match will be considered void.

"We've been punished for less in the past and demand the same treatment.

"I was on the field and, if you look carefully, the section where the tear gas came from only had Palermo fans in there.

"The officials saw what happened and will take action."