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    How to Jtag ****

    My receiver stop on "ash" I have tried to reflash it but in vain . Please help me I need how to jtag and how to make it's cable. Need full info have el 888 super plus model. Also neo sat 16000
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    dm500s screen shot talking trouble.

    I'm unable to get any screen shot on web interface. I have Gemini 4.7 ...please any body have some good suggestion then please help me.
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    CCcam 2.1.4 Problem.

    I have added some 24 clint all a connected same time Problem is this that this time only 10 client active ..MY Clients are Complaint with me that Your card show "0" only you version 2.1.4 showing What problem is this. Also Some time one client active name=etc then next time that no active. same...
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    Need Help about Starsat sr-x150d plus

    I have uploaded new software but now a day I saw some errors in it my status as follow. model=E124 H/w 7.00 s/w 13.07 I want new old software changer please helpe me.