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    For Sale CAS Interface 3 Plus Price Drop

    The CAS 3 Plus interface is the combination and further development of CAS3 interface. It allows direct access to internal modules AND the programming of virtually all chip cards. Transparent case with USB port (USB 1.1 / 2.0), no power supply required. CAS3 USB Plus for programming: -...
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    Mini VU+ Solo For Sale

    Mini VU+Solo Clone With OpenPli image installed and cccam never used just been sitting here doing nothing, so needs a new home Bargain £15 + £6.00 Postage UK ONLY PM Me If Interested
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    Installing IPK on Blackhole

    when i install an IPTV ipk file on blackhole images it install ok and I restart enigma but after it installs when I go to my favs it does not show it there just <n/a> anyone got any ideas ive tried the latest 3 blackhole image 3.3 3.2 and 3.1
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    For Sale DM800 DM800SE Sims

    1 x DM800 SIM210 1 x DM800SE SIM210 1 x DM800SE A8P I also have an unused DM800SE Cable Tuner PM me With offers
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    Records Wanted

    I have started to collect 7" vinyl records again and I am trying to get my old collection back again, so if anyone has got any old vinyl they want to sell send me a PM. I Collect Motown & Soul I have attached a picture of the labels that I collect, but I am generally interested in any labels :thum:
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    openATV SoftCam Feed

    openATV SoftCam Feed unzip and ftp the ipk file to tmp then go to setup/software manager and install local extension and install it
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    For Sale Vu+Uno

    Vu+Uno with 160GB Hard Drive Fitted 100% Genuine UK Only Buyer Pays Shipping PM me Sensible offers
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    TBS5922SE Purchased This And I Don't Use It So Someone Might As Well Get Some Use Out Of It, They Cost £69.95 On Ebay Will Accept £50 And I Will Send Recorded Delivery For Free To UK Buyer. Anyone From Outside Of The UK Will Have To Pay Shipping To Your Country, And I Will Only Send It...
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    SkyStar 1 CI

    just been having a look through my cupboard and found this remember purchasing it from a computer fair in Liverpool with a DM500s when they first came out and could not get it working correctly so it went in the cupboard. I don't suppose they are any good for anything now.....???
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    WeTek Play Enigma 2 RCU

    It really is worth buying the new remote for this wetek play now these openATV images are getting better and better and its much easier to use with this new remote. I ordered mine on Friday only 9.99 Euro and its here today from Slovenia very good service.
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    OpenATV 5.0 Bugs

    after first flashing going through the wizard in TV settings choose multi I left mine at 50 Mhz and after scanning in a satellite I changed a channel and didn't get an picture there was audio but no pic, not even if I pressed menu so I reflashed it and choose multi next time and it was ok. the...
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    Setting Up WeTeK Theatre USALS

    Been pulling my hair out trying to set this up for hours and hours but I got there in the end so this might help some one else out a pdf guide to setting up wetek theatre simple mode with usals and scanning in each sat as you go along.
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    Files Downloading In PHP Format

    if you are downloading files from the forum and they come down in PHP format its a problem with internet explorer not the forum. go to internet explorer top right of the page is a cog click on and that and choose compatibility view settings and add sat-universe and save and that should solve...
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    Disposable Email Addresses

    Disposable Email addresses are not allowed here, we don't send out spam emails to you every week or give any persons personal details or email details to mailing companies etc! its strictly for registration purpose only to make sure that you are a normal person and not a spambot by verifying...
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    23,5E BT TES 51 / Channel Five "Big Brother" Feed ** Chat Only Here, No Keys **

    this looks like a celebrity big brother feed I wonder if its like the old days 24 hours or just the live show
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    Viewing Probs

    I have formatted my pc and now am running windows 8.1 I have reinstalled DVBDream and NWEmu 1.2.8 and K-Lite Codec Pack 10.9.0 I can clear FTA channels on 28 east but I cant clear any other channels ie Nova or Diema on 39east or ESPN 901 Caribbean after entering the biss key I could not even...
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    FA Cup 4TH Roud Draw

    Southampton or Ipswich v Crystal Palace Cambridge United v Manchester United Blackburn Rovers v Swansea City Chelsea or Millwall v Bradford City Derby County v Scunthorpe or Chesterfield Preston NE v Sheffield United Birmingham City v West Brom Aston Villa v AFC Bournemouth Cardiff City v...
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    welcome to the forum what model is it
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    Happy Birthday barney2222

    Hope You Have A Good One Mate
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    Flash Memory Problem

    I seem to have problem with my solo2 flash memory, it seems to be taking a while to boot up not as fast as it used to be and if I flash a different image my front screen goes weird and starts flicking and I get these pics below I have been using a blackhole image and tried a couple of others...