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    Absat 3W Feed Reception

    Hello to all Feed Hunter, is it possible to get good signal on Absat 3W with 1m dish and IBU Single LNB? But I have Laminas 120cm dish too. The feeds on Absat 3W should be in footprint ABS-3A Europe (flysat). Its only possible to find them if some of the feeds in europe beam active? my...
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    Nvidia Upgrade from GTX 460

    I wanna upgrade my Nvidia GTX 460 to GTX 660ti. How long does the GTX 660ti need to create 1 chain in V1? MFG: opx20
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    DVBSky S960 blindscan 2 and Crazyscan

    Hi @ all, Possible to use DVBSky S960 with Crazyscan? Why is my blindscan 2 so slow anyone know how to get them faster? thx, opx20
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    Play AC3 Audio from feeds not working

    I have ProgDVB 7.08 Pro installed and LAV Video/Audio codec 0.68 installed. But on sport feeds with AC3 Audio hear only some noise if i turn the volume up. If i switched the Audio Channel to Mpeg2 Audio all working. But have DVBDream too and same issue there. Whats wrong here or need another...
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    Kingston 8GB class 4 Card not working

    I have an Kingston 8GB Class4 SD Card from my Pi but filesystem is broken. Now im going to insert them in my Windows PC and get error some data could be damaged but after i let him correct this the sd card disappear and only the reader is shown. If i try to reformat it doesnt work because after...
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    How to get Constant CW Basics

    I'm a beginner and have a HTPC with Progdvb Pro edition and use vplug for insert keys. Should I record ecm to get CCW with vplug or what will I need to get them. my hardware is Gibertini 1m and TBS 8922 with USALS motor. I only know how to get biss cw. Can someone show me an example channel...
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    CSA Rainbow Tool V2 Add chains to rbt question

    Hello to all Members, I've trying to create great ffh table V2. Now im addind chains to my RBT but it isnt the first add. I know I have 532 chains inside of them but if I add new chains from Colibris Website it shows me in adding process already presented chains = 0. Here is a picture that...
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    ProgDVB 7.06 vplug 2.4.6 not shown

    My ProgDVB didnt show vplug 2.4.6 or any other Plugin why? I put vplug files in root directory or ion plugins folder but nothing works
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    CW bruteforce 0.5 help

    Hello to all Experts here, i found a encrypted BISS Feed and record them with my TBS 8922. Then I Start CW Bruteforce 0.5 and he found two scrambled PES packets. CW Bruteforce shows me that: Scrambled PES packets (Has no adaptation field) catched from file! Selected first packet: 47 42 00 94...