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    OScam/EMU Arm Vu+ Solo4K/Uno4K/Ultimo4K

    The Solo4K uses an ARM CPU and not MIPS so for now the only working emu is Oscam. This file has been configured with both internal readers working for UK Freesat card and Tivusat Card. Thanks Dumnonia
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    Hypercam Update

    Does anyone have any idea if there have been any new public releases or is it another emu that has gone by the way ?
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    TSpanel 6.4 for Black Pole OE2.0

    TSpanel 6.4 for Black Pole OE2.0
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    Hypercam 2.1.8 Black Hole

    Release 2.18 -------------- => => Fixed French CSAT HD support through VIA cards => Here is the latest Hypercam for your Black Hole Image. => FTP to tmp and install via manual addons.
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    Hypercam keys question

    I have hypercam 2.06 working fine with bis keys and card reading is fine. Has anyone managed to figure out how to get Digi TV keys to work with this emu ?
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    Hello to all on this nice looking board. What a lot of familiar names:rolleyes: Will do my best to pop in and help where I can:thum: