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    Possibility of Live Streaming......

    Have been thinking about ways of getting the stream from the DVB-s/s2 card in the AZBox HD to stream out to your local network. So thought i would start this thread to see if we could create a brain storm thread to help developers. The thought i have would be the following: Get a latest...
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    newCamd set up

    Trying to get a connection set up to a newCamd server, and require some help please. Either using a N: line or newcamd: line. Have tried various options, but will resort to re-flashing AzBox HD to latest firmware and starting again. Help with config files etc would be appreciated. Thanks
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    EPG Data

    Hidden Plugin for this as follows: Open Telnet to AZBox HD mkdir /PLUGINS/EURO_EPG Then goto AZBox, select Plugins, then select EURO_EPG You can choose from Freesat, Sky Italy and Sky UK. If you didnt know about this then enjoy, if you did know, I have only found this via another forum, so...
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    AZBox HD Premium

    Hi, just want to start by saying thanks to everyone that is contributing to this product, which has been very interestng in browsing through the forum. Got my AZBox HD on Monday, and am impressed with the video quality, sound quality and ease of use.] Have set mine up so that it mounts the NAS...
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    Just thought would say hello from UK. Looking at buying the new AzBox HD Premium. Any comments on this product would be appreciated! Thanks Adi :thum: