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    sunray 800 se

    hi all friend bought sunray dm800 se it turn out to be cable receiver is possible replace tuner with satellite one to save him trouble sending back & wait 8 week many thanks
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    problem with 800hd

    i have a problem with 800hd old bl72 with blackhole image with smargo cardreader & Cccam 2.3.0 . i clear my sly channels & i can see & clear my peers ,my port are open my dns is updating ok but offline to my peers, on my dm500 i use internal card reader all works well im doing my head in...
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    sly italia

    anyone having trouble with sly italia in last 4 or 5 days it takes while to clear or is it just me
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    dm800 & netgear vmdg280

    im sorry if its wrong section .anyone managed to get cable router or hub as they call it netgear vmdg280 working with dreambox
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    How do I use the Public Biss key to open AL Aoula 13°E 10873?

    Can any of you guys can confirm biss keys CLEAR AL Aoula on 13°E (Hotbird 6) with dm800? And how to input/which key patch?
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    biss keys al aoula

    anyone have problem with biss keys hotbird 10873/27500/v channel AL AOULA i put in latest dreambox keys files in full still not clearing i know its active because it work fine on the good old technomate 1500 but on dm800 no luck any ideas
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    i have a problem with r4i v1.4i kernel is up to date it works on my dsi not my friends dsi or dsi xl every card tried it don't seems to work any idea busman
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    hi all im looking for cccam.prio for d+ hd & sd channells if anyone has them most greatfull if you can help me out busman
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    OpenMedia Wifi Bridge

    first i Apologize if im in wrong section i canceled my broadband with my isp so im going to be without internet for a month that to long ,i had a look at mobile broadband dongle & OpenMedia Wifi Bridge as temporary thing ,my question is wil this two two items without router do the job to my...
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    Huawei EchoLife 520b

    evening all i have Huawei EchoLife 520b router as there is no option for dns setup for a server is it possible to use dyndns updater instead will it do the job or do i have get new router thanks in advance you guys
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    dvi to hdmi

    i have a small problem next door neighbour dm800hd was working fine up to last night now no picture no sound on dvi to hdmi ,hdmi to hdmi works fine we phone sony they were no help dm works ok on my tv any ideas
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    i just had two tuners go belly up in one day .both time i had the right image in box bloader 75 but when i do set up tuner configuration tuner A:empty NOTHING .Has anyone come across this at all
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    log on

    for the past week or so have'nt been able to log on early to late part of the evenings anyone else or is it just me
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    i have friend who has a free zone internet this is all new to me i did't thing there was free internet about, is it possible to connect this dreambox to wireless pc
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    evening all im looking for a simple way to find satellites with Diseqc motor i don't have spiderbox im just helping my next door neighbour out,USALS is the easiest way but he want it this way, i have been reading a lot but it just makes no sense to me any help will be appreciated
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    to ramiMAHER

    hi mate is there any way you can upload newlink [OoZooN-CVS-lean-dm800-3018-ramiMAHER-SL-72] as the old one is dead
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    Bewere this is what some Chinese site ask you for after they receive your money, if you decline they cancel the order & you have fight on your hand to get your money back like me so bewere Credit Card Authorization Form To: xxxxxxx Dear Sir, Please be informed that I...
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    afternoon all there was a post by ferret on how to convert enigma2 channell setting to enigma 1 but for the life of me i can't find it any help you guys tanks in advance
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    power of dreams

    anyone Managed to instal power of dreams on usb stick meoboot or barryallen it keeps crashing ,i Tried 5 images in flash same thing no luck
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    mounting dm800 to pc

    Evening All im have'ng trouble mounting my pc hdd to 800 in window7 mount type cifs server ip add 192.168.*.* server share /share or /hdd:d/ locol directory movies un guest pw guest this is what i get mount:mounting...