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    hi guys here u can found all the best programs ready to use with last version , all what u need after fresh format hope u like :) 1- CCLEANER 4.03.4151 2- DoPDF 7.3.391 3- JAVA RUNTIME ENVIRONMENT 7 4- K-LITE CODEC PACK BASIC 9.9.5 5- K-LITE CODEC PACK MEGA 9.9.5 6-...
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    hello guys another silent install of FORMAT FACTORY 2.60 FormatFactory is one of the most comprehensive converters in the market as it is capable of converting such media types as video, audio and image; and not only that, it can convert practically all types of formats.
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    serious problem signal dm800 hd

    hello i have a serious problem in my dm800 hd on signal , firstyly i have think the dish but when i have tried another receiver dm500s all is ok !! i use nemesisis svn 110r-0 after i have flashed my box with GP3-dm800-2013-04-05-ramiMAHER #ssl84b but the same any help ? thanks a lot
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    please help sct channels in mgcamd

    hello all please can someone share config files for getting these channles sct channels on hotbird 13° , request : ignore priority replace thanks for help
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    Hello all i have dreambox 800se and tnt fransat card , what can i do for working in my dream ? how to configure emu cccam-oscam i have ts-image installed very thanks for help
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    hello all i want to know if the dreambox 800 hd work with oscam or not very thanks for replies
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    problem with ppv channels on 28.2

    hello all i have dreambox 800 hd nemesis 2.3 svn92 with vhannibal list i'm on astra 28.2 and have channels sports open cinema ... but when i try adult ppv i have the message "sevice not found pat not fond in sid" and when these channels are clear exemple pub i have these channels any...
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    Hello please help me how to disable this timer on screen on DM800 SE very thanks for help
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    please help about backup

    hello friends i have a dm 800 hd ferrari ssl78f with this image on internal flash ramiMAHER-v.3-dm800-2011-1-14 #76D i would made a backup with this new gui of ssl78f gp2 flash buckup when i try it in destination of backup i found just internal flash and harddisk and no usb stick !!! i...
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    About OpenBlackhole

    Hello friends i have tried the new release of openblackhole the lattest in external flash sim ferrari ssl78f but after configuration i have not found blue pannel and green button don't work then impossible to send files ipk to install cccam or it is proctected to be run in internal flash...
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    problem wityh HD channel

    hello all i have a problem with my dreambox 800 hd clone bl70 i have tested all images and no solution , please help me when i zap with hd channels the receiver becomes heavy, it crashes and I lose the signal have you an idea ?
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    Hello all i'am new here in this great board ; i have discovered this forum in google by search i was very satisfacted very thanks