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    Where is Barry Allen For Sunray 800 SE

    Someone can tell me if Barry Allen is installed in the same way that a Sunray DreamBox original? If so where is Barry Allen for Sunray, thankful now Greetings JUVE
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    Gemini3 0.53-r14 (für OE2.0)

    CCcam Info v1.3c for OE2.0 CCcam Info v1.3c for OE2.0 file work OE2.0
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    News for Team ICVS

    Here is my email directly to the ICVS team sent me a minute, hug Hello, JUVERUI ® time has come: GP3 was adapted to the new OE2.0 experimental images and is released as GP3.2 in the coming days. Installation is done as usual with the installation wizard known in the new version 0.16: GP3...
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    SIF TeAm Enigma2 Koala Dm800 (05-03-2012)

    My friends need your help for this one picture. Yesterday to put the image in Boot not seen any emulators and put behind the CCcam 2.2.1 FTP / temp, so I could not find the activation panel Emu CCcam 2.2.1 in order to activate it, will be someone who knows what the path to this file CCcam 2.2.1...
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    It´s Possible ????

    My friends my question is this. I have a Dreambox 800HD original and I have to flash the image ICVS and Barry Allen got several pictures of the SIM card clone 2.01. It is possible to place the images in meoboot dreambox 800 SE. Thank you in advance for your answers, greetings :thum:
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    Hi to All

    Hello to every one, I'm here to help and assist in whatever is needed best regards