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    10 years ago today BBCWS dropped SW to N America

    As cuts in international broadcasting continue, we note that it’s exactly 10 years ago today (1 July 2001) that the BBC World Service dropped its shortwave broadcasts to North America and the Pacific Rim. At that time, Radio Netherlands still had a sizeable shortwave audience in North America...
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    VOA opening 24-hour relay in Central African Republic

    Text of press release from Voice of America on 30 June Washington DC: Voice of America’s popular French and English language news and music programmes will air 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Central African Republic’s capital city, Bangui, with the launch of VOA’s new station 101.7...
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    Azbox HD Plugins

    Azbox HD Plugins --------------- ----------- ------- ---
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    Inet-Box Latest Keys

    Inet-Box Latest Keys
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    Free to Air satellite TV in the Arab World 2011

    The number of Free to Air (FTA) satellite channels targeting the Arab region continues to grow. The FTA landscape had a major growth of 438% in the number of FTA satellite channels between January 2004 and April 2011. Based on Arab Advisors Group research, by April 2011 the total number of...
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    EC raises concern about Belgian broadcasting regulation

    Belgian authorities may soon issue back off Brussels call after the European Commission (EC) has expressed concern regarding proposals by the Belgian regulators to open up broadcasting markets. Specifically, the EC is asking the Belgian regulators to take full account of market developments in...
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    Bebo owners negotiate to swing SeeSaw deal

    Even though the last rites had been read for SeeSaw, the online TV VOD aggregation service may not yet be in its grave with private equity firm Criterion Capital Partners said to be poised to make a purchase. According to reports in UK national newspaper the Daily Telegraph, the investment...
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    * Arab unrest dictates change in region’s media consumption

    An increase in television viewing is one aspect of the shifting media landscape in the Middle East and North Africa in reaction to political turbulence in the region, according to a new study from Omnicon Media Group and covered by the Kipp Report. During the first quarter of 2011, the average...
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    FetchTV opts for Hostworks website platform

    Australian pay-TV provider FetchTV, which delivers content straight to televisions using a broadband connection and a set top box, has selected Hostworks to ensure its website maintains high availability and an enhanced user experience. FetchTV will benefit from technology investments...
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    NRK sets pace with ‘slow TV’

    Norwegian public broadcaster NRK seems to have struck the right chord with a five-day long Hurtigruten live broadcast covering the famous sea route along the Norwegian coast. In what is probably the best example of ‘slow TV’, NRK broadcasts the whole trip live minute by minute for 134 hours...
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    Singapore selects Media Broadcast for DVB-T2 trial

    Published: 09.50 Europe/London, June 20, 2011 Media Broadcast, a company of the TDF Group and service provider to the broadcast and media industry, has been selected by the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) to conduct a DVB-T2 technical trial in the city state. This technical...
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    Systems/Loral to build Thor 7 satellite

    Published: 09.25 Europe/London, June 20, 2011 Telenor Satellite Broadcasting has announced that it has signed a contract with Space Systems/ Loral for the construction and delivery of its new geosynchronous communications satellite to be called Thor 7 and positioned at 1 degree West. The new...
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    3D likely to fail to go mainstream in UK

    + Despite the best efforts of Sky, Virgin Media and lately the BBC, new research is predicting that 3DTV will struggle to ignite the mainstream UK TV market. The research from Informa Telecoms & Media is a crushing blow from an industry that seems to be collapsing under its weight of...
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    Taplin softcam

    19.06.2011 *Private Spice (13.0°E) ---> ok *C+NL all keys ---> ok *Teleclub all keys ---> ok *[email protected] all keys ---> ok *Sky Italia all keys ---> ok *Austriasat 19.2°E ---> ok *TV Globo ---> ok *Mediatech ---> ok *RAI 13°E ---> ok *1+1 International (4.8°E)...
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    ZhenDer softcam

    19.06.2011 *Private Spice (13.0°E) ---> ok *C+NL all keys ---> ok *Teleclub all keys ---> ok *[email protected] all keys ---> ok *Sky Italia all keys ---> ok *Austriasat 19.2°E ---> ok *TV Globo ---> ok *Mediatech ---> ok *RAI 13°E ---> ok *1+1 International (4.8°E)...
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    Latest Wodex Softcam & Keys

    19.06.2011 *Private Spice (13.0°E) ---> ok *C+NL all keys ---> ok *Teleclub all keys ---> ok *[email protected] all keys ---> ok *Sky Italia all keys ---> ok *Austriasat 19.2°E ---> ok *TV Globo ---> ok *Mediatech ---> ok *RAI 13°E ---> ok *1+1 International (4.8°E)...
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    Arcelik 510D CI - 500D FTA Softcam

    19.06.2011 *Private Spice (13.0°E) ---> ok *C+NL all keys ---> ok *Teleclub all keys ---> ok *[email protected] all keys ---> ok *Sky Italia all keys ---> ok *Austriasat 19.2°E ---> ok *TV Globo ---> ok *Mediatech ---> ok *RAI 13°E ---> ok *1+1 International (4.8°E)...
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    Snell appoints Vanessa Ching as VP of channel marketing

    Digital media technology firm Snell has appointed Vanessa Ching as vice-president of channel marketing and communications for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Ching will be based in Singapore and will manage all strategic marketing programmes for the region with a focus on channel partner...
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    Vodafone reveals German IPTV numbers

    Vodafone has disclosed the customer figure of its German IPTV platform, Vodafone TV, which since launch in mid-February 2011 has so far acquired 25,000 subscribers with 300 to 400 new customers being added each day. Vodafone initially opted for a low-key launch of its TV offering, Fritz...