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    Networks Group / Fox Brasil HD SES-6 keyz help

    Today at mid day this new keys posted here at sat universe were working now they are down any idea if there is a new key any body have the new key this the last key a a add working Networks Group / Fox Brasil HD SES-6 @ 40.5°W 4095 R 30000 New key 00: 84 6F 21 24 31 EC 6F => FOX Sport Brasil 01...
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    need help on ses6 40.5w

    i there any body kno what is going on with ses6 at 40.5w i have lost signal in a lot off channels some not show any % signal at all any help thanks.
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    need help on dreambox 500

    any one i need the master code to go to settings i forgot the code any help thank you
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    tvi internacional at 30W key change need help

    helo evry one any body kno the new key for tvi internacional at hispasat at 30w at 12052 v 27500key most chaged today jan 8 2019 any help thanks in advance
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    need help biss key for tv brasil on ses 6 tp 4054 L 7500

    hi there any budy has the biss key for this channel on ses6 at 40.5 w tp4054 L 7500 thanks in advance
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    need help on sic internacional

    any body can help sic internacional left ses 6 at 40.5 w any body kno the new sat i can get sic international in canada thanks in advance
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    need help with jynxbox ultra hd v3

    any budy kno how to insert a biss key i cant find no were in the menu how to when i buy this receiver it said it was biss rady.thanks in advance
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    any body help with dreamlink t4

    just like to kno if there isany firmware that support biss for this receiver
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    need help powervu key

    any body help need softcam key for 40.5w 3843H30000 or any help how to creat the a powervu softcam key thanks in advance
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    need help on a openbox v8

    need help i go to network enter 6666 nand all comes up is cs control i cant see constant cw all comes up is cs control for server set up any body thanks .
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    need help sic internacional 40.5W C-Band biss key

    sep 25 sic international on sat 40.5 west c-band - scrambled again any one have the biss key thanks in advance
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    need help openbox z5

    i just get my new openbox z5 i do not see ccam menu on the box on system setup i do not see system control any help or ther is any firmware i need thanks in advance
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    perciso ajuda no nss805 rtpi

    hoje 7 de julho o sinal trocou para o norte america no 55 west 805 ja pos os parameteros novos no openbox s9 e nada nao tem qualidade alguem tem ideia obrigado o s9 e mpeg 4 s2 alguma ajuda abraco.
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    alguem pode ajudar sic noticias

    alguem sabe em que satellite se encontra a sic noticias para norte america canada.obrigado em avanco
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    help please openbox x5

    can any one help i load my openbox with new firmware now a cant see were to constsnt cw i like tu update to another firmware wont let me by usb it says the file its not compativel it is ther any loader to load true rs32 thanks in advance
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    pansat 2500 galaxy 19

    alguem por favor tem um bom bin trabalhando para globcast para o sat Galaxy 19 West receiver pansat 2500 ou fortec ultra obrigado antecipadamente
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    record nacional no hispasat1c

    alguem sabe qual e o Encryption deste canal no hispasat1c e se ha key para ele. obrigado em avanco
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    perciso ajuda sd tvi on hispasat 30w

    alguem sabe se a chave mudou pois esta fechado de novo tava usando a chave de marco e parou ontem fev 6 2012.
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    need help with sic on nss806 at 40.5w

    load the new keys no luck every body confirm keys are working think if is the firmware im using chds2-11-04-04-0474cmt any body have this chanel working on openbox s9 cause so far i have no luck thanks in advance.
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    need help si new key

    any body try the new key posted dos work?if any body have-it to work please let me knothanks. SIC International (40.5°W) NSS 806 3803 L 27500-3/4