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    rsync to a remote NAS without password

    Recently I spent considerable time trying to perfect the commands to run a cron job to remotely backup /hhd/movie to my Plex server. I could do it interactively by entering a password. But password free proved to be a problem. creating a ssh public key is normally quite easy with ssh-keygen...
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    Rsync mipsel ipk

    I'm looking for an up-to-date repack of rync to use with OpenATV 6.4. All I can find are mips32el and very old versions; neither work. I want to set up a synchronized backup to my Synology NAS once a week so.
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    Contact us

    I tried sending the administrator an email message using 'contact us'. It repeatedly failed in two different browsers complaining of No subject for the mesaage. There was no place to add subject. So my message is posted here:- Subject: Limits to file downloads in 24 hour period. Body: This...
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    Sat Box: 2x DVB-S2 Tuner & 1x DVB Tuner

    I'm looking to replace a Vu+ Duo. I've been using a USB tuner for DVB-T but they don't seem to last long. So I'm looking for a quality box with 2x DVB-S2 Tuner & 1x DVB Tuner that won't break the bank... any ideas?
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    16E on a Sky dish?

    Hi, I live on the south coast of England between Brighton and Eastbourne and am considering rejigging my 78 cm Triax-dish arrangement to free up a sky dish. Question is at my latitude - 50 degrees, longitude - 0 degrees will a 28cm sky dish get any 16.0E signal to use? Anyone able to save me...
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    Use Android to setup YouTube streams on Vu+

    I've recently discovered the enormous power of my Android phone to be the director of operations for my Vu+ box. In my case the box is a Duo but that shouldn't matter. I've been using DreamDroid(beta) for some time to control my Duo or stream live TV or recorded TV from my Duo back to my phone...
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    Help for Sly Card

    I get this from status: HTTP Server listening on port 8888 1970/01/01 1:00:55 1830 7608F4B0 r reader thread started (thread=7608F4B0, label=skyuk, device=/dev/sci0, detect=cd, mhz=357, cardmhz=357) 1970/01/01 1:00:56 1830 772B6000 s init for all local cards done 1970/01/01 1:00:56 1830...
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    Get the basics right

    BlackHole 1.7.7 is the third release where DVB-Terrestrial USB tuner is recognized as DVB-S2. For Dog's sake...
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    Black Hole Vu+ Duo 1.7.5 "Multiple"

    I seem unable to configure the USB tuner for terrestrial channels on this latest BH release. Is it me or are others finding same?
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    Black Hole Vu+ Duo 1.7.0

    When I installed this image I had to initialize the HDD befre it was recognised and lost all recordings. Today, after a hard reset the HDD is again unrecognized. Is there a way to get around losing all the stuff previously recorded? There are lots of green screens with this image!
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    Android app to view streams

    Anyone found a good Android app to play video streams from a Vu+ over http? Ideally I want something to just take the m3u file and play the stream.
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    Remove adverts from video?

    Has anyone any knowledge of an add-on module for Linux boxes that parses recorded video - say over night - to remove the advertising segments? I would even pay money for something that worked flawlessly!
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    TNTSat card in Duo

    I took delivery of a Vu+ Duo on Monday. After using an official Kathrein image on a UFS910 for a few years it's bit of a shock. I'm running the latest BlackHole image. Question: How can I use my TNTsat card in my Vu+? I have a Sagem HD TNTsat box currently for decoding French FTA, but would...