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    Flashing a VU+ Uno using a USB stick

    Thanks to author
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    Loss of icon that positioner is moving

    Installed crossepg for OE16 on DM 800 using Gemini 5.1 and it caused a couple of crashes. After last crash the positioner moving icon is not visible anymore on changing sats. It tells me tuner fail until motor turns to new satellite. Tried reflashing again via ftp (two times) and also did...
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    Freezing of playback of mkv files

    I download mkv files from internet and transfer them to hard disk of dream. On playing the file by dream it freezes at same positions of film. Not just one film but all I have tried. It is connected by eSATA so connection should not be a problem. Is it a problem of processor of dream?
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    Cheap 3D TV

    For those who do not want to buy expensive 3D equipment :D Source BBC news
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    3D TV without glasses

    Some interesting news
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    How to update a SW! [FAQ] - Loading software problem

    I found this. Hope it is helpful
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    SiF Team v1.8

    SiF Team v1.8 for Relook 200 Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    Owl disrupts soccer game

    Owl disrupts soccer game Finland-Belgium PPOS64vVo10&NR=1
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    Channel list Relook 200

    Channel list by STAR for Relook 200 - 8.6.07 Old attachment removed to preserve space
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    New bootloader (uboot.img) for 200s

    New bootloader (uboot.img) for 200s Flash this bootloader first before you flash a 200s image 2.15 or higher!!
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    Channel Editor 1.03 for Technosat

    Channel Editor 1.03 for Technosat
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    DVBStreamExplorerFull 3 build 64

    DVBStreamExplorerFull 3 build 64
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    Army LumBlue NAB-V.07

    Army LumBlue NAB-V.07 Thanks to Army
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    CCcam Tutorials

    CCcam English Tutorial Thanks to DeepDiver for translation First part for now Translation soon of part 2.
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    dreamMOVIELIST v.041 build 2007-04-29

    dreamMOVIELIST v.041 build 2007-04-29
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    Tuxcom 1.16

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    Azur skin for nabilo image

    Azur skin for nabilo image Thanks to porto
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    Blue X Files for Nabilo image

    Blue X Files for Nabilo image Thanks to Matrix
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    Army Trust Rack NAB

    Army Trust Rack NAB For nabilo images
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    Picons for DB500

    S*y It*ly Picons for DB500 for nabilo image Use them only in max var image due to space restrictions