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    Oscam Emu Spark

    new emu r747 - Updates for PowerVu Crypto-System - Add Tandberg ECM/EMM checksum validation oscam-svn11391-sh_4-webif-emu-747 --------------------------------------...
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    dream 900 Tune 2 x s2 failed problem

    since a 10 days i got tune failed message most of time and i use only 1 tune a1 with diesq but after reboot dream box the signal return back again it can worrk for most of day some times work for 30 mn and get again the same error message tune failed i used lot of image dream elite / new...
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    NEW Rescue Loader 1. Copy this .bin to /tmp 2. Open telnet and login 3. flash-rescue /tmp/*.bin 4. Wait 3-5 minutes. Wait for DONE info! 5. Power OFF to 10 sec and power ON. 6. Done. You have new...