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    [DOWNLOAD] OpenELEC 5.95.x KODI 15RC

    Latest build with KODI 15RC (release candidate)!QBZUEYZC!JlDi5xQR7w-5YoZxFIY0m_sAObs3ew-GwNOo-EOiMWQ as usual copy *.tar file to .update folder and reboot WeTek Play.
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    OpenATV Plugins feed for WeTek Play

    OpenATV 5.0 Plugins feed for WeTek Play!kVwRkbSD!8TETiC8EUNBJ7xHcqJiLWDNnKbDjotMDDla7yN9VASU Download .ipk and place in /tmp , on WeTek Play press Blue button (Number 4 on RCU), go to Plugins, and manually install .ipk from /tmp Then go to Download plugins and oscam can...
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    OpenATV 5.0 Enigma 2 BETA for WeTek Play

    Thanks to OpenATV and PB Enigma 2 Teams, WeTek Play owners from now on will enjoy in popular Enigma 2 software on their WeTek devices This version is early BETA, so please expect that some things will not work and image can contain some bug's. This version of OpenATV 5.0 Enigma 2 image for...
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    OpenATV Enigma 2 at WeTek Play - Video

    Video shows OpenATV running at WeTek Play
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    WeTek OS 1.1.4 OTA available for WeTek Play

    WeTek OS 1.1.4 OTA update available Improvements List: - Increase support for Italian and German language - Launcher support for notifications - Move Apps to SD enhancements - Option to take screenshots (“*” + “back” buttons at WeTek Remote Control) - Support for DTS and Dolby Passthrough...
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    WeTek Play - WeTek OS Android Development build - 02.05.2015

    WeTek OS - Development build 02.05.2015: Change log: - Contain all previous fixes for DVB - Additional improvements on dvb.db compatibility with DreamSet Editor Beta 7 version - Visual changes in WeTek Theater - DVB Player application - Fixed import of Enigma 2 settings and conversion to WeTek...
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    WeTek Play - WeTek OS Android Development build - 22.04.2015

    WeTek Play - WeTek OS Android Development build - 22.04.2015 Changelog: - Fixed DiSEqC 1.0 - Fixed DiSEqC 1.1 - Fixed USALS - Fixed support for ATSC in WeTek Theater - Fixed crash bugs on Automatic/Simple scan - Favourite list improvements Download...
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    DreamSet Editor for WeTek Play

    DreamSet 2.4.4 Beta 4 bring support for editing of WeTek Play dvb.db channel lists for Android. - Fixed previously reported bug's - Added support for Enigma 2 settings conversion to WeTek Play dvb.db format Download:
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    WeTek Play - OpenELEC 5.0.7

    WeTek team is proud to announce the next stable release of OpenELEC for WeTek Play - OpenELEC 5.0.7. New in this release: - Fixed the no signal on HDMI issues (thanks to jim1985) - Fixed an issue when GUI is slow during a video playback - Other bug fixes and enhancements To install OpenELEC to...
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    [Channel Editor] DreamSet for WeTek Play

    There is beta build of DreamSet Channel Editor with support for WeTek Play for Android DVB Player and dvb.db channel database.
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    [TOOL] Enigma 2 settings to tvheadend converter

    Enigma 2 to TVHeadend is tool for conversion of Enigma 2 settings (channel lists) to tvheadend format. With this tool you can easily convert all your enigma 2 settings in lest than few minutes, or in case you dont have own enigma 2 settings, you can download directly from app desired channel...
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    [HOWTO] OpenELEC - tvheadend + oscam configuration

    Video tutorial of configuring tvheadend with OSCam under OpenELEC
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    [HOWTO] Enigma 2 Picons on OpenELEC

    Simple step-by-step tutorial to add Picons in tvheadend on OpenELEC at WeTek Play. 1. Get IP of your WeTek Play: System -> System Info 2. Connect by PuTTY to WeTek Play 3. Execute this command: mkdir /storage/picons (see at photo) 4. Connect by FileZilla (SFTP) to WeTek Play IP...
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    WeTek Play with OpenELEC

    Few videos of WeTek Play running at OpenELEC (XBMC/Kodi) with Live TV with Aeon Nox skin + Live TV MOD Skin and Picons.
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    [Skin] Live TV MOD for Aeon NOX Skin

    LiveTV mod for Aeon Nox 5 - Helix. Works only with Helix version of Aeon Nox 5 Version 0.7 - 08.01.2015 - Removed non-working ECM-label - Updated Encryption-label and icons - Updated for Kodi 14.0 & AeonNox 5.5.6 Install instructions and version history is in the readme-file when you download...
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    [HOWTO] Install OpenELEC to NAND Flash

    In case that You want to have only Linux XBMC/Kodi or OpenELEC in WeTek Play, you can install it directly to NAND Flash. Procedure is same as installing or updating Android with .zip file 1. Download WeTek OpenELEC / Kodi NAND install package from HERE 2. Extract downloaded .zip archive 3...
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    [APP] WeTek OpenELEC Installer

    WeTek OpenELEC Installer This tool will download and install to Micro SD latest available version of OpenELEC for WeTek Play device. Download: Steps to install OpenELEC to Micro SD: 1. Insert Micro SD in your PC 2. Run WeTekOpenELECInstaller.exe 3. In Drive...
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    OSCam for Android

    OSTool is OSCam for Android Changes: - OSCam starting automatically after reboot. Download How to install: 1. Copy to USB 2. Insert USB in WeTek Play 3. Open with File Manager of App Installer USB and select OSTool.apk , continue installation. 4. In APPS you will see OSTool (Android...
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    WeTek Play - OpenELEC 5.0.6

    OpenELEC for WeTek Play - OpenELEC 5.0.6. New in this release: - Fixed an issue when HDMI CEC stops working after a while - Fixed 24p VC1 playback - Fixed RCU infinite button presses auto-repeat - Wi-Fi and LAN LEDs on the from panel are working now as intended - Other bug fixes and...
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    WeTek Play - Technical specification

    WeTek Play - Technical specification CPU: 1.5 GHz Dual Core AMLogic AML-8726 MX ARM SoC GPU: Dual Core MALI MP-400 RAM: 1 GB DDR 3 1333 MHz Flash memory: 4 GB NAND Flash DVB Plug & Play Tuners: DVB-S2 (Twin), DVB-C/T/T2 Tuner, ATSC Tuner RCU: Yes, IR and RF with 6-Axis Air Mouse function...