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    I'd installed Kodi many time, manual or from kodi which provide by images. It succeed but when exit from kodi player it getting blank on menu screen, no thing text appeared. So i hd to reboot the box. Anyone knows where the problem?
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    Kodi & Plaincast

    Love DE with plaincast feature, but it's not perfect yet. Youtube apps on ondroid mostly not detect cast logo. So i've to reinstall it. And when kodi release for DE?
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    Playing Blu Ray Format

    How to play bdmv format recorded on hdd or NAS without lossing menu index ? plz help
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    BarryAllen 12.49 problem

    I got problem with BA 12.49 on dm900 where DE as flash image. Not all images can run..stuck in booting and the other one there's no video except audio. Before using It i used BA 12.47 and of course every thing run well Sent from my A1601 using Tapatalk
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    Problem with 4k channel

    My box arrived recently. Very fast in boot up. But when i tried switch to fashion one 4k on measat 3 freq 4120 H 30000 the box suddenly go to standby mode. Any one know what the problem? Need advice..thx mate Sent from my phone
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    Need advice how to run multiboot, what multiboot plugin and what image as flash? Some of my friend said there's no luck yet with multiboot on dm900 Sent from my Lenovo A7000-a using Tapatalk
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    What's the Function of HDMI IN???

    Hi mate...back of this box there're two hdmi, in and out. I don't yet what's the function of hdmi in on this box? anyone knows?
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    Image update for Vu+ Solo2 Lonrisun

    Hi mate, i know that lonrisun not support their product well like sunray. It's so difficult nowaday to search images for it. But anyone could help me, what link i can open for lonrisun image? And the last one,,,how should i know the bootloader version of that box? So sorry for my basic questions...
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    AAC audio format does't work

    Hi mate, Can anyone help me how to solve the problem with acc audio format on OpenPLi-4.0-beta-dm800 SSL #84d dailybuild by gjstroom? The audio become silent, just with AAC audio format.
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    EPG Problem

    I use flash image Nemesis2-3-dm800-e2-SVN-095r6-ramiMAHER. Everthing goes well except epg. when i press info button from the current channel, the epg list appear with its content. Go to next epg list with next button on rc the green screen coming out. Just see attachment picture for illustration.
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    Both Emu Cccam and Mgcamd dont' Work with OpenPLi-2.1-beta-dm800-20111029 by gjstroom

    I'd installed image OpenPLi-2.1-beta-dm800-20111029 by gjstroom with BA where the flash image EDG Nemesis SVN(095r6)ramiMAHER, everything work fine accept emu cccam and mgcam. The cline is correct cause it running well with other image. Can anyone tell me what the problem are?
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    What the functions of cccam.provider and cccam.chanelinfo

    can anyone tell me the function of cccam.providers dan cccam.chanelinfo and how the syntax of it if we want to make it by myself, cause there's no cccam.providers dan cccam.chanelinfo for thai, indonesia, malay and chiness version.
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    How To Configure Diseqc 1x16 With Dm800

    Can any one give me a direction to setup dm800 with diseqc 1x16?
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    Can Dm800HD Using Sim 2.10?

    Hi guys, can i replace sim 2.01 to sim 2.10 for dm800 hd?If it can, it means i can use the latest image for sim2.10, right?But how about the hardware specesification, where dm800se has higher spec than dm800 hd.
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    Hello my friend..thanks for your kindness to let me join to this forum