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    Can i use a SSD Disc in my VU+ Duo

    Hello ! Can i install and use a SSD Drive in my VU+ Duo insteed of a ordinary HD Disc ? :)
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    A little Question

    Hello Folks ! Can i use VU+ Duo images on a VU+ Duo2 ?? :thum:
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    What's wrong ?!

    I have a VU+Duo and using the PB Backup image on it. But yesterday when i update the image via internet some file or command deleta all my softcams ????!!! My Mgcamd and Cccam is gone !!! I tried some other new images with softcam addons and all is ok but when i update it and restart all softcam...
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    Does anyone have the Password ?

    Hello ! I Have the SeyirTurk plugin installed but what is the key for XXX Sex Portals ?? I Have tried 1234 but it's not working. So does anybody know the key or keys?? Have a Nice Weekend !:thum:
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    BKP per Vuduo, Basato su IMG Italysat 4.0 SVN77 OE 2.0

    The Dowload Link is not Correct !!! Wrong Program !! You get Dreamboxedit insteed of the VU+Image !! :mad::mad:
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    AAF Image Problem !

    Hello ! I have a VU+DUO with a AAF image with some addons preinstalled. It has not been any problem to update the image from AAF site but now it's very big problems. Yesterday i try to update and the box started up but was locked. Today it was more updates aviable and i try again but now the box...
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    Turkvod IPTV not Working !!

    Now the Turkvod team has change the IPTV to IPTV by Dinekbagi and NOTHING WORK !! I can't understand why the team change the iptv configyration when it works !!! If it works let it be !!! Now it.s no Czek or German or Polish Channels working XXX channel not working. So Please change it back and...
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    Can I run a OE 1.6 plugin on a OE 2.o Image ?

    I have a OE 1.6 plugin and wnt to run this on a OE 2.0 Image OpenPLI 3.0 is it possible? And how can i do that? :mecry:
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    Help Needed !

    Hello I'm testing a PB Image on my VU+Duo but i can't put in any addons/plugins via my USB. I Have tried different USB Sticks. It looks like the PB Image ignore the USB Stick so what can i do? The file i wan't to use is in .IPK format. :clapping:
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    CuBiCStreamer 0.7.0 is it a Fake ?

    I Have a VU+ Duo with OpenPLI 3.0. In the 0.69 version of CuBiCStreamer all is ok ! In the 0.7.0 beta version nothing happend when i press any key on the remote. The Plugin totally locked the VU+Duo box. So be careful maybe it is a joke or a fake !! :clapping:
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    Now it's Closed !!

    The Turkvod Plugin will not work because they have closed the server. When you open the turkportal you can read a message in TURKISH. (Can't they English??) I don't know what the reason is but the IPTV streaming is down. CRAZY TURKS !!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::
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    Don't use servers with Ilivid !!!!

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    Turkvod Plugin Updated !

    The Turkvod Plugin server is now running with new channels added. :clapping:
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    Anyone else having problem with Turkvod Plugin ??!!

    I have a VU+ Duo with OpenPLI 3.0 and the Turkvod strem plugin with IPTV connection. Today Tuesday i don't get ANY of this channels at the Turkportal. Anyone else with the same problems ?? :confused:
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    Is it a Joke ??!!

    I Have a VU+ Duo with Openpli and Turkvod /Turkportal plugin installed. But after 22 or 23 a clock GMT I can,t get connection to the Turkportal. Why ??!! I want't to use the portal for tv watching 24h. If I wait to morrow mornig i get connect again. so what's the problem??!! :mad::mad:
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    HELP With Adding rtsp:// Channels to StreamTVPlayer

    I have a VU+Duo With Blackhole 1.7.5 and in teh plugin section i have a plugin with name StreamTVPlayer. In the player it's some channels but i want to add more channels manually. How can i do that? In which faldor shall i add the rtsp:// adresses ??
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    Adding strems to StremTVPlayer

    Hello how can i add new adresses to the plugin StreamTVPlayer ? I have a lot of rtsp:// adresses i will add to the player. Where do i add them in witch folder? Please help! Thanks !:)
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    Hello i am a 47 year old man living in Sweden near Norrkoping. My interests is Hamradio Computers Photo and Electronics. See You !:thum: