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    Latest Oscam for RaspberryPi

    Hi, i'm looking for latest Oscam version for Raspberry Pi. It's possible to have OSCam svn11520 Emu-r796 for Rapberry? Regards
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    Latest Oscam SVN for Raspberry Pi

    Hi, i have Oscam running on Raspberry..... I want to update it to oscam-svn11517-rasb_hard-webif-dvbapi-libusb-emu-upx.tar.gz version....... But when run, tells cannot find shared lib "" and "". What i'm doing wrong? This version...
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    OpenVPN - Block Internet Traffic

    Hi, it's possible to add a feature on OpenVPN to Block Internet Traffic, when VPN goes down? Thats very useful, mainly for those who use CS. Regards.
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    Barry Allen + Original Image

    Hi, i cant install Barry Allen 12.55 on my DM900 with original DreamOS Image..... Is there something i missed? It's not possible to install it on Original Image? Regards
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    OpenDroid 6 - Transcode DM900

    Hi, OpenDroid 6 supports Transcode Streaming on DM900? NOTE, i'm asking for Transcode Streaming, instead Direct Stream. Regards
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    Install OSCAM for DM900

    Hi, anyone can tell me how to (step by step) install latest OScam / EMU arm DM900UHD original image?? Here in forum i findo those two files: - - What's the difference, and how to...
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    Wetek Play 2

    I'm a Wetek Play 2 owner and would like to see a "Wetek Play 2" seccion on this forum..... Dont you agree? Can someone help with the following points: 1. There will be Enigma2 firmwares for it? 2. LibreELEC already developed firmware for it based on Kodi Krypthon.....anyone have first...
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    Amiko A3 Combo

    Hi folks, appreciate someone can help me and tell where can i find files support for new Amiko A3 Combo? Regards
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    Amiko Mini HD - VPN Support

    Hi, it's possible to develop VPN Support for Mini HD, HD Combo and C/T2, as exists on Mini HD SE models? It's an hardware or software/firmware limitation? That was a great improvement and very useful! Thanks in Advance.
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    Hi, ruDream Images are paid?? Why...what have better than other images? Any Service? Cardsharing included? It Worth? Regards
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    Hi folkes, anyone knows when will have new fw for Amiko HD Combo with Youtube problem fixed? Regards
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    Client EMU's Protocols

    Hi, I have an Amiko Mini Combo with latest 1.4.03 Emu installed. In emu client I only get success with CCcam by I would like to use it with MgCamd protocol or newcamd.... I've tried both with no luck!!! :( Someone can help me? Regards
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    MgCamd on Amiko Mini HD

    Hi, i cannot get MgCamd Client working on Amiko Mini HD. It connects to MgCamd Server but it's like cannot send ECM Requests......or the server cannot get requests..... Is there any trouble with MgCamd on Amiko Mini HD? I'm using latest 1.4.03 Emu. Thanks in advance.
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    Mini HD Combo + MgCamd

    Hi folke, i'm asking you for help, because something weird, when trying to use MgCamd emulator on Amiko Mini HD Combo (FW: AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_1.4.03_emu) 1. I setup Server Slot correctly to use my MgCamd line account. 2. It connects successful to the MgCamd Server. 3. Cannot decode any...
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    Amiko Mini Combo + Youtube Trouble

    Hi, since i've installed AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_1.4.03_emu firmware, in youtube application says device not compatible, and says to check youtube device compatibility page.... Anyone with same problem? Cannot see any youtube video...and cannot search ant video too. Regards
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    Emu versions Amiko Mini HD Combo

    Hi, how do i know emu versions (CCcam, Mgcamd), of my Amiko Mini HD Combo with firmware "AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_1.4.03_emu" Regards
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    VPN Client for Amiko?

    Hi folks! Exists any firmware for Amiko Mini HD/ Combo HD that include a VPN Client? @Dekolte Is possible to development it? That's very useful, to bypass ISP network sniffing (block emu protocols). Appreciate any help!! Regards!
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    Amiko Mini HD Combo Synaps

    Hi, anyone knows whats the CCcam version used on this firmware: AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_Synaps_1.4.05 by Dekolte Is CCcam 2.3.0? Regards
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    Mini Combo HD WebTV-IPtv

    Hi folks, i loaded latest WebTV-IPtv Update List from sticky post, but i cannot get any channel to seams not downloading stream data.... Do i miss something? I'm using latest AMIKO_MiniHD_Combo_1.3.76_emu firmware. Thanks in advance! Regards
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    Big2Small on MiniHD Combo

    Hi, I was wondering when we will have Big2Small and DLNA applications available for our Amiko Mini HD Combo? If it is available able for Amiko Mini HD, it should be easy to implement it for Amiko Mini HD Combo, right? Best Regards