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    Eutelsat 7B/ C - 7,0° East: Broadcasts of Digiturk channels (including TRT) on the Eutelsat satellite have stopped, all Digiturk transponders have been switched off
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    Astra 28east 2F-2G Migration/Changes/Closed & New TP's etc

    hoi, astra 28east: new: 11582 h 5/6 22000 11597 v 8/9 23000 dvbs-2/Qpsk 11671 h 5/6 22000 11686 v 5/6 22000
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    astra 19,2:andalucia tv

    hoi, astra 19,2: 11156 v 5/6 22000: andalucia tv started again fta
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    IRAN MUX on hotbird

    hoi, hotbird: 12437 h 2/3 29900 dvbs-2: provider: IRIB HOTBIRD - IRIB TV1 (TV) - IRIB TV2 (TV) - IRIB TV3 (TV) - IRIB TV4 (TV) - IRIB TV5 (TV) - IRINN (TV) - IRIB AMOOZESH (TV) - IRIB QURAN (TV) - IRIB MOSTANAD (TV) - IRIB SHOMA (TV) - IRIB BAZAR (TV) - IRIB NAMAYESH (TV) - IRIB 1 (TV) - iFILM...
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    eutelsat with new names

    hoi, EUTELSAT, ONE GROUP, ONE NAME, ONE FLEET Eutelsat is unifying the names of its satellites with the Eutelsat brand. As of March 1st 2012 the Group’s satellites will all take the Eutelsat name, with the relevant figure for their orbital position and a letter indicating their order of...
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    MBC hired transponder AB 7

    hoi, PR/69/11 MBC GROUP PICKS EUTELSAT’S ATLANTIC BIRD™ 7 SATELLITE TO SUPPORT HDTV ROLL-OUT ACROSS THE MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA Paris, 31 October 2011 Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) and MBC Group announce the signature of a multiyear contract for capacity on Eutelsat’s new...
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    footprint astra 1N

    hoi the footprint of the new astra 1N (start will be in 2011) for the 28,5 east can be seen on :[email protected]/5068070339/sizes/l/in/photostream/
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    hello, I am from the netherlands nice forum:thum: