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    openbox x5 problem with usals motor

    please help me with the problem does not work motor usals or diseq 1.2 does not rotate. tuner not rotate usals coman for motor the diseq motor is correct and checked with another resiver. The problem is whether the problem is in the tuner or power supply. I checked and the power supply has all...
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    opticum x403p not start

    please help opticum x403 p not strat to boot only clock watch work no start to power buton I tray wirh rs 232 but not comunicate with reciver thanks
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    opticum hd 403 p not start

    :mecry: please have a problem with my opticum x403 p it will not start just for a clock with 4 zero and when you want to turn it on does not start no button is working and remote will not start please help
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    strong 7004

    please tell me if this receiver can cope with the sering and whether it has some firwer or emu or anything to watch encoded knots
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    dreambox lan is dead

    please help me my lan on my dreambox is dead dm 500 is work but is lan no found on netwotk .I ping the ip adres but is requet is bad.I opend the cover is my dm 500 and the icasix ax 88796 is very hot and on board is smd led is no work .what is problem help ,help:mad:
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    dreambox 500s gemini 4.70 no time bomb

    I placed today gemini 4.70 is time bobma but after two hours is great working when I put it on a rock-by and re-ignited him as a fake and software do I contact the operator and shut up and not to start green LED does not light please help me :mad::mad: