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    cccam client issue

    HI all i don't now if that the correct forum or not, so excuse me for that I want to know if cccam server open certain channels or not i don't want to use online sites since they share the server line !! //using HADU DVB card sharing client i can get server info and he give me CAID and...
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    SRG / SSR emulator

    is there any emulator that open SRG / SSR at 13e for dvb pc card? Is there Oscam that open those channels? and if so, can I install tvheadend+oscam in linux and open SRG / SSR channels? Thanks
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    Awesome idea for subtitle plugin

    Hi all I hope that’s the right fourm for such topic! I have a nice idea for subtitle plugin! That’s able to *Auto download external subtitle file and auto synchronize it with the channel! *Parent control by mute the sound and black the screen during nude scene! And I have a cool idea for...
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    biss channel issue

    Hi all I have strange issue with biss channel EPT at 3 E when i open the channel with altdvb it's not opened even the right key found in softcam file if i open vplug window i cant find any ECM avaliable! if i enter the key at DCW window channel is opened if i used qick dcw key the key is stored...
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    PowerVU Emu problem with AFN

    Hi all from yesterday PowerVU Emu isn't able to open AFN channels as shown in this pic even with new keys!! any one have the same problem? what's the solution for that? i tried it with cisco 4 and it works perfect and i notice that in cisco channel PowerVU Emu doesn't have unmasked ECM like...
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    Cisco 4 at 4.8 e

    HI all I have a question about cisco4 and cisco 5 in siruis 4.8e some times they show live football matches but usually the sound is for dogs or horse race not football match!!! Is that problem in decryption or in codec? Is there any way to fix that? why some one will show football match with...
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    Vplug and biss

    Hi all I have strange issue with VPlug using vplug 2.4.6 i can open tanderburg channels (arena) without problem now i want to update softcam for biss channels i choose last softcam file and check the option of keep keys and add only new keys and press convert button.. once i do that arena...
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    sat tube TV plugin

    HI All There is a new service named sat tube TV where they use data channel to provide several TV channels !! users subscribed to that service are able to broadcast there own channel! (like IPTV channels) and we can receive theses channels by opening data channel and playing sat tube plugin to...
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    DVBJCAM problem

    Thanks for great plugin DVBJCAM it's powerfull and probably the best, however i have an issue with him using last ver 0.08 with dvb dream 3.3 and 3.4 in win xp i have problem with him as in the pic is any way to solve that? can it support progdvb in the future? Thanks
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    powervu with progdvb

    I have a problem using powervu with progdvb it work ok with powervu channels but once i switch to any other channel progdvb freez!! for me i just enable powervu module to watch powervu channels then i disable it before switching to any FTA channel !! using progdvb last version and powervu module...