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    Openbox X3 info request

    Need information on how to install CCcam.cfg and how to run it or activate it.
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    Can we Upgrade DM800HD Clone sim 1 or 1.2 BL72

    Is it possible to upgrade my DM800HD Clone BL 72 TO BL82 or any other so i can flash updated images
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    OpenPli 3.0 ADDONS PROBLEM

    Openpli 3.0 image for 7020HD have addons problem. When try to enter addons you get "No plugins found" Any help
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    Blackhole 1.7.3 image request

    I hope to see blackhole image for DM7020HD
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    DM 500 HD Clone Ferrari Sim. Is it better than DM800 HD BL 76D?

    Wondering if the new DM500 HD Clone is better then the DM800 HD BL 76d. What is the difference except the price. Which one to choose and why