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    What size dish in UK for Eastern Satellites?

    Here in Belgium on my 110 dish I use 6 Quad LNB for 45°E - 42°E- 39°E - 33°E -28°E - 23.5°E 4 Diseqc 16 in / 1 out for 4 TVs 4 Multistream receivers Edision Mio (+) 4K, Mini 4K & Nino Pro Full HD 1080i I have 15 Quad LNBs on 4 multifeed dishes. 6 LNB on 1 dish (click on the image for full size)...
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    Eutelsat confirms Russian suspensions

    We have got the russian channels from Express AM 8 at 14°West, so Eutelsat can lose money. Who cares about Eutelsat ?
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    Multistream in UK?

    First of all you need a PCIe card that supports multistream. Or you can watch with Edision Mini 4K without your computer from the satellites at 33°E, 5°W & 14°W.
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    RAI 3 HD at 5W

    Here RAI 3 HD works fine on : Edision OS Mio+ 4K Edision OS Mio 4K Edision OS Mini 4K Edision OS Nino Pro Photo Video 4824 kbits/ sec
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    module fransat

    What you need is a multistream receiver like this one: Edision Mini 4K and a dish of 110 cm pointed to 5°W Et on n'a plus besoin des cartes Fransat. TF1 Full HD 1080i25 works fine on my TV 4K UHD. Edision Mini 4K sends a 1080p signal to the TV. It can send up-scaled 2160p too.
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    ITV-2 HD/ITV-3 HD & ITV-4 HD are FTA now on Astra 2G @ 28.2°E

    I have 14 & 15 dB here in Belgium with 110 cm dish for ITV2,3 & 4 HD
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    TF1. New tp FTA Astra 19 E

    There is LCI HD FTA too FEC 2/3 Video AVC 1080i25 = 4400 kbits / sec
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    multistream tv

    You need this: from = 120€ You will be able to stream ( Wi-Fi & LAN ) the french & italian multistream channels from 5°W from your receiver via your router to all the rooms in your house. Any smartphone, computer or tablet will play TF1...
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    multistream tv

    What do you call "multi stream TV" ? For me, the channels from the satellite at 33°E are Multistream. My Vu+ Zero can not receive them.
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    Say what sat equipment you have?

    Vu+ Zero 1080p (no more in use ) Fransat Metronic Terbox FHD 1080p + card PC6 Edisions: PRIMO IP S2 (now only for antenna alignment) OS Nino Pro FHD = 1080p OS Mini 4K UHD = 2160p OS Mio 4K UHD = 2160p OS Mio+ 4K UHD = 2160p Dishes: Triax TD88 (94x84cm) ––> 1.9°E & 4.8°E One 98 cm ––>...
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    Multi LNB Setups Pictures

    I am in Belgium, next to Luxembourg & France.
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    Multi LNB Setups Pictures

    15 LNB on 4 dishes 45°E - 42°E - 39°E - 33°E - 28°E - 24°E
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    Мултистрийма на 33°E

    Пак ни преместиха мултистрийма на друг сателит, а дано да е за постоянно този път. 33°E 12646 H 13910 3/4 Малките антени ще трябва да пораснат за през зимата. С 110 см Триакс в централна позиция ми показва от 79% до 82% качество на сигнала. На предишния сателит беше 95% - 100% със същата...
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    Skew & Multifeed for Triax

    Hello, I present to you the modification of one antenna Triax. It is now a multifeed with skew mount. The mount comes from another dish -> Muximum T85. vv vv...
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    Hello les пичове

    Hello guys Здравейте пичове Salut les mecs Здравствуйте ребята I am from Belgium, near Luxembourg and France. Keen on multi feed for several years, I'm discovering the linux receivers now. Since I understand the 4 languages above ( English, Bulgarian, French and Russian) there is a lot to learn...