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    Mail change

    I want to change my mail, but I forgot my password..... How can I change?:confused:
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    What happened to HelloHd card?

    Using latest Oscam ,with my Dm8000, HelloHd card (0BAA) is AU till Apr 30th but not clearing anything.. No change in CFG at all... Any Idea?:mecry:
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    How to update TVR romania -Oscam

    Trying for hours to update the card with no luck using Oscam. Any help for right Cfg ? Thanks!:thum:
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    Cannot make Smargo read my cards! _ Help needed...

    Running Oscam on DM800 (Sunray Clone) with Nemesis image. Smargo recignized by Linux as card reader but cannot see it reads the cards, not by logfile nor by Webinfo,,,, Any help? Thanks !:rolleyes:
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    CCcam Autoupdate--How?

    Using Dm 500 with CCcam, trying to make my Via card ("Bis" package) to update and do not know how to configure. Any help?:confused: