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    Emu Blackhole 2.1

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    Is there another version for PLI img too , or perhaps i can install same version ? Ps : PLI on VU+ uno Thanks
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    Barracuda5 (102) and emu

    It's not possible use other emu than mgcamd in this img ?? Oscam config are in img but you can't choose with emumanager Tested here with usb version for cuberevo
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    SWF img

    Hi , every test with SWF i have same problem Where can i find url for install plugins and emus ? Thanks
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    DVD player

    Hi all , I would like to try to read a DVD with a reader usb external on my ipbox9000 in Enigma2, but how do we make if the port usb is used by my stick usb with img PKT? Other question : Is there a model ( dvd player ) better than the other one ? Thanks
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    Problem with stick usb

    Hello , excuse me for my bad English I have a big problem with mount stick in Sifteam img I would'like test export var to stick but i can't format the 4 stick i have ( error 75 ? :confused: ) If i mount stick on a dreambox or on a Triple Dragon , there is no problem Can somebody help me ?