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    hello where you can find plugin crossepg to this receiver?
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    Rikor tv

    Can anyone help with the configuration for this package for oscam
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    ecm alto

    hola a todos hay alguna solución para baja tiempo ecm de Nagra c+:clapping:
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    sky uk _setanta

    Hello my sky uk card with Irish channels setanta I recently updated it but there was a problem setanta channels do not work I was told that it is necessary to purchase a new card with these channels. My question is whether I can use the new card in the dreambox as well as the old edit: Moved...
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    dreambox 800hd, 800 hd se problems audio

    problema Spanish provider of audio format has changed in some channels,such as canal + accion HD dreambox does not work does not support this format
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    dvb-s2 android box

    Hi all a Happy New Year wish to know there is a solution to install the emulator on this receiver
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    how to connect to the dreambox 800 tvheadend
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    upload completed, waiting for acknowledge"

    hi all I have problem with 500s is clone does not turn off the LED light is always green image I tried to load again and there's no way makes me dreamup "upload completed, waiting for acknowledge" a sin may be an hour or more I tried to change then change dreamup verciones of computer cambles...
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    Installation problems

    Hi all I have tried to install the original 800 new images nemesis, ICVS, etc.. barry allen on and I get error / bin / sh: syntax error: unexpected "(",can someone help.Thx.