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    New member

    I am back again. @Ferret: Thank you for your help.
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    Update DMS Image 8.8 OE2.5 dm920 not work

    It is not possible to update this image, only new flash works. if I load down, there are about 600 changed files, but installation does not work and after reboot it is still the old version. This is no new situation and so I cannot understand, why this problem is not fixed yet.
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    purE2 DM920 UHD- how can I flash

    Hallo, maybe it is a very stupid question, how to flash this image. But the end is and my DM920 say always: invalid image". What have I to do? Regards, Renard
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all here in the board. Thank you for all the work here for us and all the help. Regards, Renard
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    New file

    Unpack the zip.file and change the file " in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/plugins/extensions/MyTube. Regards, Renard
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    Backup-Image Allrussian 6.11.1 with SSL 84

    Who can help. I need a Backup image from Allrussian 6.11.1 with the new SSL 84. I use this Image with a LOWFAT-Stick, so I can`t update SSL by myself. I hope, somebody can help me. Regards, Renard
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    Hello from Thuringia in Germany

    Hello, i am here for a few days and i like it. A problem is to write in english. I dont want to create an new english language like Lothar Matthäus or like Mr. Oettinger. But i think it will be better sometimes. I like my Dreambox 8000HD PVR, 1,5 TB Hdd, DVD RW, USB-Stick with picons, original...