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    Which CCcam emu for BH 2.0.1

    I have an odd problem. After installing a new image BH2.0.1 oe2.0 on my VU+ I can not install an emu CCcam, or maybe I don't have a right version. By the way I can't install anything manually that I put in tmp/ folder. Anyone know the answer to my problem? Thanks
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    Picon updater

    I would like to know is there a plugin for enigma2, "picon updater"? and if there is which picons are supposed to be used? Thanks
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    Hello people...

    Hi my name is Sale and I am glad that I am a registered user of this wonderful forum. I will help anyone that has a problem with dreambox 800hd. Greetings from Serbia! Novak Djokovic no.1 :thum: