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    Who wins Champions League 2006/07 ?

    Who want can vote the Team that think win the champions league 2006/07*the list are in order to group. Good luck to all !!!! Quarter-finals 03 & 11 April 2007 Semi-finals 24 Apr & 02 May 2007 Final 23 May 2007 --------------------------------------------------------------- the old poll with...
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    Mediaset plus

    CANALE 5 PLUS presenta: UNA SELEZIONE DEI MIGLIORI PROGRAMMI DELLA NOSTRA STORIA Vuoi rivedere i varietà, le fiction, i concerti di Canale 5 che più ti sono piaciuti? adesso puoi!!! Ogni giorno su CANALE 5 PLUS le mitiche puntate puntate de "IL PRANZO E' SERVITO" ed ogni sera un programma...
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    Benvenuti al Bar

    Anche qui su sat-universe si sentiva la mancanza di un Bar dove ritrovarsi con amici a bere e fare quattro chiacchiere quindi alla salute !!
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    xcam premium add 2 new channels XXX

    xcam premium has 2 new channels XXX: Redlight Italy and redlight Mix, added to the 2 old xxx now the porno channels are 4. No software is needed...just tune the channels and enjoy with every software you are using thanx to angel for news
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    Latest X-Cam Softwares [Orion & Angel]

    orion 242 only for K3 card -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This software is only in order to make able xcam orion to read new card K3; angels xcam already works without need a patch. If you don't have K3 card this software is useless thanx to lucifer
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    Latest Firmware for M-Vision

    2.94 ---- Smartcard improvements and 2.17 for fcis9080net ---- Smartcard improvements
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    sezione saluti

    creata la sezione saluti dove possono,per non fare "confusione" ,mettere i saluti i nuovi user,per le altre sezione da creare aspettiamo rock,spero che nel suo forum cambi idea,e me le faccia creare :D
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    Firmware Clarke-Tech (1500plus/2100plus/2000/5000/5000C)

    Now the Pr***ere multifeed option is available only for Ctech Go in one of Pr***ere portal channel(direkt-sport or erotik)push the page up key in the remote, and you will have a banner on your screen with all the channels the channel you like and enjoy(now you can see also...
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    Cerebro Latest Update

    thanx to mach1
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    Cas Studio (All versions)

    Cas Studio 7.4 Xcam Cam repairing problems fixed. Xcam Premium ( not the orion one ) added. DIDEM programming with Dynamite Plus added. Dragon Cam repairing problems fixed. Daytona card programming added for Dynamite Plus File copying to Diablo cam fixed ( the problem was in windows...
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    Humax Patch Checker 3.0

    Humax Patch Checker 3.0 By Humax Turbo Team. Part of Humax Turbo Suite. -Display About ToH - Checksum for Modules 1 , 2 , 3 (Parser Only )and 4 - Module 5 Checksum fix Credits Special thanks to CR2384, Humax Community Admin, Hyujin, Crazysat. Thanks to all friends who helped in testing. With...
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    Humax tray suite (All versions)

    This is a suite with much tools for Humax attenzion used only tools that you know well
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    Tools of Nostromo for update and edit settings
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    HDFSmart 1.8p by Nostromo

    tools of Nostromo for check and update a firmware to humax,is very important update a firmware database from menu of program: click on ? and after in xml catalog update,select from....(now is update)
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    DSR_9500_EMU_CW (All Vers.) + How to use

    2'nd update today Version 5.4_CW 11/5 2006 More Keyspace removed to get space for 16 Crypto Idents, Now Max 295 Keys in Ramfile. Tools for update with key.bin the our humax