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    Howto : Mipsel emu on Vusolo4k

    Now it is possible to run some well known softcams from mips boxes on the Solo4K, using BH 3.0.x images. First you need to install gnemul-qemu_mipsel-lib-all_bh.tgz (this file contains the libs needed from a mips box) qemu --> is a a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer...
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    All Cam BlackHole only for VU+

    This File Pack EMU is ONLY IMG BLACK HOLE for VU+ for manual install: Put file from FTP in folder /tmp Push green yellow manual istall bh.tgz or /jpk Tnx Sat Universe for permission file
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    Grazie per avermi ACCOLTO
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    Tnx for @ll regards lallone