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    oscam -ymod for Tm800hd?

    is there oscam-ymod for tm800? i've tried the mips box(dm800,dm7025 ) files and i'm getting "illegal logic or segmentation fault or both". also installation of CCcam2.30 failed due to some c libs dependencies like gcc1,libstdc and libstd c++ etc. i have run ipkg update and upgrade, but no joy...
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    it seems my ur23 blue panel for my tm9101 is not working any more. please if you've mgcamd1.35ab, please upload the file, or any help to get my blue panel working would be welcomed, thanks.
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    lexmark x5490 control panel no power

    had to shake out an obstacle preventing the printer from working. now the printer is not powering up, but i do find red light at the power supply area and side of cartridge carrier. help.
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    mgcamd 1.35a for tm9100?

    if anyone is watching 39e using tm9100, please i'd like to know how to do it.i've tried edg4.4 and mgcamd 1.35a but no joy. thanks.
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    mgcamd 1.35a &cccam 2.2.1 for ur23 for tm9101

    just installed ur23 , i would like to install both cccam2.2.2.1&mgcamd 1.35a or mgcamd1.35a for ds 4.0 or unofficial gemini 4.3. thanks.
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    globalstar 7000 black screen

    after channels scan and channels found scrolling down the screen, i unplugged the power cable. now i power on the box, i get the a black screen and the buttons the box are not working. thanks.
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    tm9100 vertical channels are missing

    after an electrical fault both tm1500 and tm9100 were not able to get the vertical channels. i've since changed the lm317 next to the tuner for tm1500 and the channels are ok. regarding tm9100 , tm1500 solution is not applicable, cos next to the tm9100 tuner is smd ax1117d 5.0e1 etc . any help...
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    humax 5100 rA problem

    when i turn the box on i do get H2 11 , rA and 3 flashing dots well i've done the search for solution, but when i tried sending new channel settings as recommended to the box i do get E-Id. Even after uploading its channel settings to pc and sending same setting back to box, the result is still...
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    I'll like to say hello