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    Forever boxes

    No need for the smart hub if he flashed the netgear with openwrt that would replace his smart hub so using openvpn or wireguard at his incoming connection (plus adblocker is built in to openwrt)
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    Forever boxes
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    Forever boxes

    I use a netgear r7800 flashed with openwrt instead of my ISP router on BT fibre then you could use openvpn or wireguard for example You may be able to flash your netgear router I have never used a supplied ISP router openwrt is very easy to setup or you could use pihole Sorry if off topic
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    Forever boxes

    Ok did a factory reset of sorts back to version 6.00 then updated to 1.14 now all is good thank you everyone for your help
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    Forever boxes

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    Forever boxes

    See what happens in the next 24 hours will unplug it overnight if it carries on a factory reset it is (y)
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    Forever boxes

    I just used the inbuilt updater not worried about channels as I hardly watch 'tv' so it was literally a fresh upgrade its a bit of a strange one never had a problem with this box and I have had it a while
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    Forever boxes

    Yes updated it just before I did the SP1 thingy I am on 1.14 dated the 01 Dec 2022
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    Forever boxes

    I paid at teatime for SP1 for my Viark Sat 4k on the charging website it shows my server has been updated to 2024 but on my box it still shows my old date of 2023 obviously the de and uk channels are still white for me and I have unplugged/rebooted the box several times
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    Oscam_win problems

    Unable to use Oscam since yesterday has been working fine since November Found this in live log 2020/01/30 10:23:50 5FCFE6E4 r (emu) Key file not found in: /cygdrive/c/ProgramData/mdvbapi/oscam_win 2020/01/30 10:23:50 5FCFE6E4 r (emu) Cannot open key file path: /var/keys 2020/01/30...
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    Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

    Free today:
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    Sky Sports Channels FREE on Virgin Media Cable from 6am 25/12 to 6am 27/12

    The following channels (including in HD) will be available between 6AM on Christmas Day and 6AM on 27th December 2019. Sky Sports Main Event Sky Sports Premier League Sky Sports Football Sky Sports Cricket Sky Sports Golf Sky Sports F1 Sky Sports Action Sky...
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    20% off ebay uk today

    Moved this from shoutbox in case of spam 20% off ebay uk 12-6pm code: PNY2018 min spend £20 max spend £75 Few bits of interest
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    Great little card, does 4k currently on offer at ebuyer bargain!! Been using one since release and does everything I need it to And no I do not work or am affiliated in any way with this company...
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    Vermin channels dark in Leicester

    Beggining of the end? CAID 1850
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    Whats the best LNB for a 1.2m Gibby

    After a bit of advice, got a spare 1.2m Gibertini OP125 lying around Thinking of throwing a C band lnb and having a play I am still struggling a bit with dialetric plates, L/R polarity and all the various ways to set it up Whats the best way to go for a beginner Most obvious way is the...
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    Has anyone managed to get the 5520se running on enigma 2? Have it running fine on windows, struggling with enigma 2
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    New to tbs tuner and clueless

    Hi just installed dvb dream, my rig has two GTX 970's and it says something along the lines of no video renderer Dont frown on me lol, absolutely clueless atm :mecry: Where the fck do i start? Help a tard out please
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    Hello and help

    Hi bit of a lurker around here and often use this forum for feeds:thum: I often see keys posted in the shoutbox but I always struggle to get them to work I have a decent-ish setup in the NW of the Uk 1.2m channel master, 24 inch actuator Now i have several enigma 2 boxes but i struggle like a...
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    My reason for joining this forum

    Hi all i am a recent convert to a motorised set up it was something i was wanting to do for a long time anyhow i have spent the last 4 weeks setting up a 90cm dish, 2300 technomate motor using a zgemma h2h i currently have a vermin sub on an n line and cccam sub for my multi sat i am using...