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    Euro 2008 Groups Announced

    Euro 2008 Groups Announced Group A Switzerland Czech Republic Portugal Turkey Group B Austria Croatia Germany Poland Group C Netherlands Italy Romania France Group D Greece Sweeden Spain Russia
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    TPS Tal Llum Mhux Jahdem

    Hawn xi hadd andu l-istess problema ? uplowdjajt il file tal llum tat TPS il hin ghamiltu GMT+1 u xorta mhux jiftah, provajt anki files ohra ghax ghidt forsi jkun corrupted, imma xorta ghalxejn. Humax 5400Z ToH 3.4 HoT 8.0
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    Problema Bis Signal Bars

    Ghandi 2 Humax receivers it tnejn listess 5400, wiehed malli nqabbdu mal wire li niezel mil LNB jahdem (andi kemm issignal bar hamra u anki il blue) u liehor ma jigini xejn (la signal bar hamra u lanqas blue). Xi hadd andu xi hjiel jekk jogobkom ?
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    PMC Table Question

    Is there a way to edit the PMCTable so that it shows the correct time on an entire sattelite. What I mean is, for example I want the Time Offset on all channels on Nilesat to be set to GMT +01:00 as a default.
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    New FEC For Digital+ Channels On HispaSat

    The following transponders on HispaSat changed their FEC from 7/8 to 5/6 : 11892 - V - 30000 - 7/8 Is Now 11892 - V - 30000 - 5/6 12456 - V - 30000 - 7/8 Is Now 12456 - V - 30000 - 5/6
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    Humax Channel List With D+ Package Updates/Changes (Astra 1/HispaSat)

    Humax Channel List With D+ Package Updates/Changes (Astra 1/HispaSat) Download From Here :
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    L-Ewwel Goal Ta Michael Mifsud Mal Coventry

    L-Ewwel Goal Ta Michael Mifsud Mal Coventry Goal Belezza !!
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    Discovery Science On Badr 26°East OK (With This Fix)

    Discovery Science Badr 26°East 11604 - H - 27500 - 3/4 Change Video PID From 688 To 608 Change Audio PID From 689 To 609 Change PCR PID From 688 To 608 And You Will Be Able To Watch This Channel.
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    D+ Down Again

    D+ Down Again
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    Mediapark Down on HispaSat 30°West

    Mediapark or as it is known now Teuve, seems to be down on HispaSat 30°West, can anyone confirm ? At least we have it on PanAmSat 43°West, which till today is still free to air, if they are going to cease transmission on 30°West, let's hope that on 43°West they will keep it free to air (which...
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    BBC Prime Is Currently Free To Air On The Following Transponder : 11116 - V - 27500 - 3/4
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    Film+ +1 On Hellas Sat (39°East) Is FTA

    Film+ +1 On Hellas Sat (39°East) Is Currently Free To Air Channel : Film+ +1 System ID : 49 Transponder : 12647 - H - 30000 - 7/8
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    Invalid Pointer Operation

    I'm trying to upload a channel list with HNFSmart and it's giving me the above error message, anyone got a clue ?
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    Disney Channel & Disney Channel +1 FTA On Hotbird 13oEast

    These 2 channels are currently free to air : Disney Channel Italia (11958 - V - 27500 - 3/4) Disney Channel Italia +1 (12054 - H - 27500 - 3/4)
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    Five US Free To Air On Astra 2 28.2o East

    The above mentioned channel has started transmitting on Astra 2 28.2o East, currently it's free to air : Transponder : 12422 - H - 27500 - 2/3 (SID : 7505) It has good quality programmes, check this site for listings :