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  1. Serjoga

    Scrambled T2-MI - Astra 4A at 4.8°E

    For e2 config and bouquets
  2. Serjoga


    OpenPli 8.3
  3. Serjoga

    [Plugin] Wireguard-Vpn

    Update online V.2.9 * The last selected server is selected when running the plugin. * Added the order of SurfShark-NordVpn-ProtonVpn servers alphabetically or by load (ascending) * Added Wireguard Vpn bypass with ability to add 10 hosts/dns/ip * Warning message in case the private key is not...
  4. Serjoga

    Faster channel for FIFA World Cup

    Ukarainian Suspilne Kiiv around 40sec behind time what i see on flashscore. Maybe even less, because i check on iptv
  5. Serjoga

    Channels encrypt in BISS [NEWS]

    There is a war in Ukraine and ruzzians shooting rockets on Ukraine every day! There is a problems with electricity!
  6. Serjoga

    4k Uhd Satellite channels

    13°E TVP 4K on 10892 H 27500 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK NagraVison P.S. atm name is test
  7. Serjoga

    [Plugin] Screen Names

    Skin Screen Names Plugin 1.3
  8. Serjoga

    MgCamd 1.46

    A new version of MgCamd 1.46 is here! What is the difference from MgCamd 1.35a: Support of long ECM at any CS-server (Providers: TNT Sat, NTV Plus)Support of providers: SkyDE (caid 0x098C, 0x09c4), NC+ 4k (caid 0x1884), Dorcel channels 19ESupport of NC+ provider (caid 0x1813). For this...
  9. Serjoga

    Oscam 11514 and DM 9xx chat

    This last emu again have old problem...After powervu and oscam need make full receiver restart for other cryption and other emulators, keys is actives but black screen...I forgot but one version have fix this problem
  10. Serjoga

    8K channels on sat

    85.1°E Scanned with name 12520V SID 0x01 on 12520 V 30000 DVB-S2 FTA. Video bitrate max 49'016 :thum:
  11. Serjoga

    Medical feed

    Thor 0.9°W name: MAV BEL77 Munster 11499 V 7200 3/4 DVB-S2 HD FTA
  12. Serjoga

    Plugin KeyUpdate

    Plugin author audi06_19 Plugin for my SoftCam.Key also last update you found in Git Update SoftCam.Key · audi06/[email protected] · GitHub File SoftCam.Key after instaled you found in /usr/keys and /etc/tuxbox/config Who have problem with install here commands for telnet opkg...
  13. Serjoga

    Mass channel 4.9°E (feed) ?

    I think this is feed Astra 4.9°E On TP 12580 Н 1500 auto DVB-S scanned Mass channel FTA
  14. Serjoga

    F-1 UHD on satellite

    Astra 19.2°E 11391 H 22000 5/6 Channel RTL UHD Working with CS and good bitrate 23000-24000 :thum:
  15. Serjoga

    Biathlon on Sat

    Season 2018/2019 broadcast ukrainian channels Inter and HTH ;)
  16. Serjoga

    MgCamd for Merlin image DM920

    Enyone know why mgcamd not working on merlin image?
  17. Serjoga

    Srbija package on 4.9E

    Astra 4.9E Today found 9 TelekomSrbija package channels on 12702 H 8623 3/5 DVB-S2 Radio channels and RTS Sat fta all other use conax.
  18. Serjoga

    Goldstar TV 19.2E

    Who knows this channel completely leaves the package? Or maybe later back? Good schlager for my mother :)
  19. Serjoga

    Rossia HD FTA on 100.5°E

    AsiaSat 5, 100.5°E Please check this info... :thum: Rossia HD on 3700 V 30000 3/4 DVB-S2/8PSK MPEG-4/HD FTA