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    Roland Garros in 4K(FTA) on Astra 19.2E

    19.2E_10995 H,22000,5/6,8PSK,HEVC_channel UHD 1(Roland Garros 4K)
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    How to use IQ Mointor [Blind Scan]

    Here are the steps you need to make for blinscan,save and activate other apps,(incl.VLC) in IQMonitor.You also have "How to..."
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    TBS5927 USB

    TBS5927 Professional DVB-S2 TV Tuner USB If I had to express my preference for USB tuners that exist on the market at present , I would definitely choose the model PROFESSIONAL USB DVB-S2 TV BOX TBS5927,which was put on sale at the end of last year (2016). In 2011, when the Chinese...
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    TBS6522 Multi-standard Dual Tuner PCI-e Card

    TBS6522 card is the first card that has support DVB-S2X,basic mode.As such this card does not support NS3,Newtecs or DVB-DNSG. Astra at 19.2 has a transponder(test)in this format on 11553 H,25500,11/20,DVB-S2X/QPSK,HEVC-SES UHD Demo Channel(Dolby Labs Test Stream)
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    EFE TV and Radio EFE on Hispasat

    12563 H,2108,3/4,Dvb-S2/8PSK,Enc-PowerVu-started at 30.0W
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    How to use PLS with Crazyscan,EBS and DVB Dream

    Multi-PLS with Crazyscan: Multi-PLS with EBS Multi-PLS with DVB Dream:
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    Coverage Of BBC's Wimbledon + Glastonbury Festival

    From Satnews: "SES (NYSE Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) announced today that the BBC has contracted one additional transponder at ASTRA 28.2 degrees East from the duration of the 2014 Wimbledon Tennis Championships and Glastonbury Festival—both in June—till the Commonwealth...
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    Intelsat's Global Sat Fleet... at 2014 World Cup

    From Satnews Daily-June 12th, 2014 Intelsat S.A. (NYSE: I), provider of satellite services, announced that the world’s news and sports programmers are using Intelsat’s global satellite services and IntelsatOneSM terrestrial network to televise the 2014 World Cup being held in Brazil beginning...
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    TV channels on-board have been the subject of intentional jamming

    [SatNews] Arabsat announced that many TV channels on-board its fleet of satellites have been the subject of intentional jamming for the past week up until May 29, 2014. The jammer has transmitted unauthorized signals targeting different Arabsat bouquets that distribute several television...
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    HISPASAT will broadcast the 2014 World Cup to Europe and America

    HISPASAT will broadcast the 2014 World Cup to Europe and America The satellite operator signed an agreement with Overon to provide TV signal distribution services from its Amazonas 1 satellite. HISPASAT, Spain's satellite communications operator, signed a capacity leasing agreement with Overon...
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    BBC Three scrapped as on-air channel

    BBC Three is to be axed and will become a wholly online channel, as part of the BBC's cost-cutting plans
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    Editing PMT-pid in dreambox?

    Can anyone help me to find a dreambox editor so I can introduce PMT-pid?As you can see from my pic.,in the latest version there is no way to edit the PMT pid ,but only video-pid ,audio-pid,pcr-pid.There is no entry for the pmt-pid.Neither with the old editors can not edit this pid. Do...
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    Freeview (BBC Satback of Terrestrial MX PSB1 & 3) Biss @ 27.5°W *Chat Only No Keys*

    I tried the key and yet I can not open it,as you can see.Perhaps I did not something right:confused:
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    TNA 22w

    Here is the file with TNA of 30M.Please check if you give the same key:00 06 2D 25 66 00.I hope to help wrestling fans if it's proper key.
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    Admin,do something... (Server busy)

    Hi Admin. You have to change this sever{every time is so busy} to a new and big one.This one cant cope with this overcrowded place.Every minute are registerd new members,that's why we can't login to forum!You have to do something to overcome this unusual success for this forum but unworkable...
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    4.8E Diablo?

    Hi EMPB, It is possible to unlock with Underworld-*** 4.8E Channel? THANKS A LOT,again,with capital{letter},for what you are doing for all of us:thum:
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    Wrestling Feeds

    Channel data : 12.5w,12651h,6111(308/256) Channel Name : 9MHZ,PAL,RS422-feed for Italy? Date : every tuesday Time : 23.00 Sat Name : Atlantic Bird 1 Sat Pos : 12.5°W Event Type : WWE