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    I can not install the panel TS 5.6, image Italysat

    Hello good evening I can not install TS 5.6 on the image panel-dm800se acute. Thank you very much for your help, greetings to all
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    Barryallen version for Clone DM 800 SE

    Hello good nights, I have a Dream Box 800 SE clone, which would be compatible barryallen version for this decoder. Thank you very much and greetings to all
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    Nemesis2.4-DM800HD-e2-OE (1.6), SVN (101r1)-ramiMAHER ssl84a

    Hi good morning, I installed this image dream Clone 800, which incidentally is going great, the only problem qiue gives me is that I am able to recognize an external hdd, I have installed the usb dream . If someone with this image please have it working and can record and wanted to give me...
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    Hi good morning, how I can put the Spanish language, I try to put the TSpanel, only I can do it in English. Thank you very much and best regards to all forum
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    Help with DM 800 clone, configure usb

    I have flash installed vti-DM800HD ramiMAHER +-v-0.1-2011-10-22 # ssl82, which is wonderful, is very stable and very fast. What happens is that I am not able to configure the usb stick to other images with Meoboot in the pendrive. I wish I could help. Thank you very much and greetings to...
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    Hola buenos dias, Gracias por este foro tan maravilloso. Espero aprender mucho en el y aportar todo lo que pueda Muchas gracias y un saludo a todo el foro.