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    y6 dongle

    Hello friends, can anyone tell me if the y6 dongle is working and on which satellite and frequency. Or if there is any new software update, thanks.
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    y6 dongle

    Is there any new software for the y6 dongle that works on w3, please?
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    zeta channel list

    which loader do I use to upload the channel list on my echolink 3030.
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    el-3030 cr plus

    Hi, can anyone avail me with the latest channel list for the el-3030, ali 3329E zeta, please. Thank you.
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    echolink 3030 + dongle y6

    Hello everyone,can someone suggest which firmware to use on my echolink 3030 for using a y6dongle? Having lots of freezing at the moment. Used last y6 software on dongle but still lots of freezing, thanks.
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    Y6 dongle

    Hello everyone, I need to buy a Y6 dongle, can anyone get me one or tell me where I can purchase one, btw I live in Malta, thanks.:confused:
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    Y6 dongle

    Hello everyone, can someone tell me how exactly I can use the y6 dongle on w6 please, I have used the y6 clean and the new s/w but have not been able to get any channels open. Which packages do the y6 open?:rolleyes:
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    echolink 3030 + dongle y6

    Hello everyone,can someone tell me if there is a twin protocol s/w for the Echolink 3030 cr plus usb? Thanks in advance.
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    Y6 dongle

    Can anyone please tell me what channels does this dongle open and how to do new software and which loader to use, thank you for your help.
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    EL 3030 zeta E chip

    Can anyone please post a channel list for an echolink 3030cr plus (zeta E chip) thank you.
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    echolink 2300

    Hello everybody, I have an echolink 2300 which I hav'nt used for a long while now, the problem is I forgot the pin code which I had chaged from it's original one, can I somehow reset this receiver, any help appreciated, thanks.
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    echolink 3030

    Hi, can anyone tell me which loader to use to download or upload a channel list on the echolink 3030 please, thank you.
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    Echolink 3030?

    Is the AliE V6 Nadim software any good for Echolink 3030, which is Beta I think?
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    echolink 3030 + microbox

    Hello, can anyone give me some advice on which Dongle or microbox ect is best to use, and which packages are cleard please.:confused:
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    echolink 3030

    Want to buy an echolink 3030, anyone has one for sale, even 2nd hand, as long as its in good condition, thanks.
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    echolink 3030

    Nixtieq nixtri echolink 3030, hawn xi hadd ghandu xi wiehed anki 2nd hand basta tajjeb.
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    starsat 5300 super

    Can anyone tell me how to get a good channel list for the 5300 super, please.
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    Loader for Starsat 5300cu super ??

    I wonder if you can tell me which loader to use for my starsat 5300cu super, thanks.
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    Echostar 2300

    Hello everyone, can anyone tell me if there is a way to get Bulsat on my 2300, any loader apart of Dnupman and keymaker? Thanks :confused:
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    Premier is back on 2300 ci.